Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mom University- Become the Confident Mom You've Always Wanted to Be by Susan Heid (VLOG)


If there was one Mom blog that I highly recommend it would be The Confident Mom by Susan Heid.   Susan is a great encourager and motivator.  She is practical and polished.  I am amazed at her resources and wisdom.  Hear me talk about why this is an important book for all moms!

VLOG for Mom U- Please take 1 minute to hear what I have to say!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bible Time including Bible stories, Memory Verses and Hymns!

I was hoping to share more posts of what I do, but I'm so busy doing that I don't have time to write posts!! 

Bible Time is very important to me and so it is the first thing that we do each day.  In fact, I start Bible Time at Breakfast.  I originally wanted to pray with my son from MOB Society Prayers (sign up for monthly newsletter to receive them)  when he gets up, but I'm having trouble coinciding my morning routine with his.  I will definitely try to do this when he gets older.  I do try to pray these prayers by myself for him each day.

So for Bible Time I use Calvary Curriculum (FREE).  On Mondays I read the Bible passage and explain the story using the curriculum guide.  On the rest of the days I read from Bible story books that I have.  Most of them have the story we are studying, but told in different ways.  Here are some of the Bibles I use:
*The Beginner's Bible
*Read With Me Bible
*The Story for Children
*The Preschooler's Bible
*The Jesus StoryBook Bible

I copy off the lesson as well as one of the activity sheets for the week, that we do later after breakfast.  Also, on the rest the days after Monday I start asking the questions that are on the curriculum guide.

After Breakfast we sit on the couch for Hymn Singing and Memory Verse time.

Each child has a memory verse that goes with the letter of the week they are studying and their level of learning.

Jessna's verses come from Songs for Saplings.
Shrade's verses come from Rock Star Preschool.
The verses they learn are songs!

We are also learning hymns which we sing daily as well as with daddy in the evenings during our family worship time.

Some of the hymns we are learning:
*America the Beautiful
*To God be the Glory
*Oh, How I love Jesus
*Count Your Blessings
*The Solid Rock
*This is My Father's World

Here is my son singing Count Your Blessings

I usually just sing the first verse and chorus, but I can see how quickly they are picking up on the words.  I wish I could play the piano well enough to play along.  I guess I will have to practice (in all my spare time!).

And we end with prayer.  I have a little prayer book for children and we will start adding prayer requests for people we know or other things that are personal and relevant for my kids.

(Side note:  My heart is to reach my kids for Christ.  Sometimes they are so squirrely and silly that I think they are not paying attention, but I keep this daily habit and pray that God will open up their hearts and minds to what he wants them to learn.)

Keep learning and growing!!  Blessings, Shonda

Monday, October 21, 2013

Training Your Children in Home Economics by Angie Kauffman Ebook Sale!!

Training Your Children in Home Economics is a 44 page eBook, which is wonderful for families with multiple children, as there are reproducible progress sheets and simple shape sewing patterns.  You’ll be able to print as many of those sheets as you need for your immediate family.

Training Your Children in Home Economics addresses why learning Home Ec skills are important for children, as well as sections on skills in the following areas:

  • Money Management
  • Hospitality
  • Simple Sewing Skills
  • Gardening
  • Meal Planning
  • Meal Preparation
  • Kitchen Safety
  • Food Safety
  • Microwave Safety
  • Table Manners
  • Laundry Skills

Also included in Training Your Children in Home Economics:

  • Progress Form for Simple Sewing Skills (with Specific Skills Listed)
  • Progress Form for Working on Assisting in the Kitchen (with Specific Skills Listed)
  • Progress Form (Multiple Pages) for Building a Repertoire of Meals that Can Be Prepared Independently
  • Meal Planning Page
  • Progress Form for Beginning Laundry Skills
  • Progress Form (two pages) for Laundry Skills (more advanced that “Beginning” section)
  • Three Pages of Very Simple Reproducible Shapes for Sewing Felt Creations
Training Your Children in Home Economics would be the perfect base for a course in your homeschool (or to work on after school) on Home Economics!  Because the eBook doesn’t cover everything in the field of Home Economics, this allows you to add in other Home Economic Skills that you feel you would also like your children to learn or just add to the skills that are already worked on in the eBook.

Right now you get this ebook for 50% off with code: KitchenHopeless until October 25!

$4.99 but only $2.50 with discount
50% off with code: KitchenHopeless
Offer ends October 25
I'm looking forward to using this book with my kiddos!!