Monday, February 28, 2011

Brightly Beaming Resources-Week #5: Lighthouses

We've been having so much fun going through our Brightly Beaming Resources lessons.  I'm learning a lot and getting my feet wet in homeschooling and Shrade is soaking up everything.  He is a little hesitant to try new things like when we built "stairs" to climb up to the lighthouse to shine the beacon.  (See picture below)
During this week we learned about octagons.  I didn't even have to "teach" it!  He already knew.  Now we are looking for octagons in our real world like a stop sign.

Daddy built this lighthouse and added a "beacon"
Some books that we enjoyed reading during this week:
The Lighthouse Children (I Can Read Book 1)The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge: Restored EditionLighthouse: A Story of Remembrance

Sample lesson day:
I say to Shrade, "It's school time, get out the poster!"
Shrade happily moves the poster from the wall and leans it up against the couch.
We sit crosslegged in front of it and I go over each section of the poster starting with the theme. 
Basically I ask him what the pictures are, colors, numbers, letter, etc.
We also say the nursery rhyme 2-3 times and I add hand movements or just rhythm by slapping his knees.
He normally doesn't participate in the nursery rhyme, but you might hear him say it later.
Then we read a book related to the theme.
At the end we focus on one component of the poster such as octagon and find all the octagons in the house and we even built one with blocks.
Brightly Beaming Resources gives activities for each section of the poster.
Then we are done and Shrade puts the poster away.
Then usually at dinner I ask Shrade to tell daddy what he learned that day.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Free and Fun Friday: Children's Museum

Hey, we love FREE and FUN activities!  My husband a day off right before New Year's so we had a free pass to go to the local Children's Museum.  We parked at the bottom of the hill and took the free link light rail into town.  We enjoyed some fun activities with our little son.  He even made a Happy New Year shaker bottle which he still uses!  Then we went back to where we parked and used a gift card to get a lunch at Subway.  My kind of day!

How about you?  What FREE and FUN things do you get to do with your family?

Stay tuned to more ideas!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Growing Kids God's Way: Discipline with Correction

This week we will learn about discipline with correction.

There is a difference between childishness and foolishness.

Think about what kind of behavior your child is exhibiting- accidental or intentional; a mistake or malicious intent?  This determines the type of correction.

With childishness, you will be admonishing which is more like teaching.

With foolishness, you need to correct this defiant behavior with verbal admonishment, action and consequential punishment.

This chapter contains far too many ideas and examples so I would suggest that you get this book or take this class.  Again, I'm just whetting your appetite with these short posts.

Next time: Consequences and Punishment.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Brightly Beaming Resources- Week 4: Eyes

Shrade and I had fun studying about eyes recently with our lesson through Brightly Beaming Resources.  On the first day you can see we had to put eyes on the face.  It was funny where Shrade decided to put the eyes the first time.  :)  Our Nursery Rhyme was Lavender's Blue.  Every day before we begin the lesson, I always review everything on the chart even if I haven't "taught" it.  Shrade can now identify colors, shapes, numbers and even repeat the Nursery Rhymes.  Repetition is the key to teaching and learning.

This week we read some fun books by Dr. Suess:
I Can Read With My Eyes Shut! (Beginner Books)The Eye Book (Bright & Early Books(R))

Well, we are having so much fun.  I've even brought out past posters and I'm amazed at what my son remembers.  I love teaching and am so glad my son is catching on.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's on our Bookshelf? City 123 by Zoran Milich

Zoran Milich's book City 123 is an outstanding photo journal of numbers in a city.  There is one page that has numbers 1-10 written out and with dots under the number that is shown in the picture as well as the number word itself.  My 2 year old son was able to count the dots and also look for the number in the picture.  Also, each photo page has a number that has that many objects to count.  There are even some pages with numbers in order to count that you would see in the city.  This book has fantastic photography and one page is dedicated to the firefighters of Engine 8 Ladder 2 from the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.  Check out this spectacular book filled with many learning opportunities and be amazed at all the numbers in our world that you find on your adventures!

City 123

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Growing Kids God's Way: Discipline with Encouragement

This week we talk about Discipline with Encouragement!

I'm just going to highlight a few good pieces of practical information:
*Remind your children of what is expected before and event (pre-activity encouragement).  Such as, before you enter the library say, "We are going in to the library.  Today we will not play.  Mama has to drop off and pick up books.  Please stay with me.  Do you understand?"

*For older kids, you do the same thing and then ask dialogue questions so they have a firm grasp of what you expect.

*Use positive words not negative words.  Instead of, "Don't knock over your cup."  Say, "Keep your cup flat on the table."

*Reward behavior!  No, don't bribe.  Say, "Because you were good in the store today..."  not, "If you are good in the store today..."

*Rewards can be tangible and non-tangible.  Our son loves it when we praise and clap for him.  We try to catch him doing good often.

Also, one of the biggest tips I learned in the class was to teach during times of non-conflict.  Example: Today Shrade and I were sitting on a bench next to the road and I talked about safety.

So, how do you discipline with encouragement in your home?  :)

Next time: Discipline with Correction

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monthly Plan :February

*Bible Verse: 1 John 3:16 "By this we know love because Jesus Christ laid down his life for us."  from Songs for Saplings Valentine verse

*Brightly Beaming Resources:  We are using the Preparatory Curriculum for 2-4 year olds

*Sensory Play:

*Literature Connection:
-Tot Pack on Love from Tot School

*Daily Music time: Songs for Music Notes and CD's we get at the library

*Brain Games: Ideas from Jackie Silberg
-Shake your fingers
-Ring around the Rosy plus
-Mirror, mirror

*Play Activities:
-Conversation Hearts math sorting

-Heart shape rubbings
-Family Flower

*Field Trips:
Library story time
Children's Museum
Nature Center
Play to Learn
Learning Sprout Tot Time
Valentine party

-wash hands
-taking off clothes
-drinking from cup
-clean up toys
-throw away garbage/recycling
-clean up messes on the floor

What's Cooking? Yummy Muffins/Bread

I love getting new, good and easy recipes!  One of my friends on Facebook posted this and I immediately made it.  It's the best banana bread that I've ever made and used NO eggs!  Anyway, it's easy to whip up and I've made 2 in the last month.  Shrade can even help me on this one.

3-4 bananas mushed
1/2 c. peanut butter
1/2 c. sugar
1/2 c. milk
2 c. flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 c. choc chips

Oven @ 350.   45-50 minutes for a loaf or 15-18 minutes for muffins

I also added some flax seed meal.  I'm sure you can add anything else that you want like oats and nuts.  So whip these up today and let me know what you think!