Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse OPENS (May 30-June6)

We are excited to do our Kid Cook Real Food Ecourse this summer!  My kids are now 5 and 7 and they love eating, so why not teach them some very handy ways to make food by themselves.

I previewed the first lesson for beginners and I'm pleased to say that Katie Kimball is an excellent teacher.  She takes the children step by step through the process.  She uses fun phrases and easy motions so the kids can remember how to use the tool as well as the proper safety of it.

My kids are always wanting to be more independent in the kitchen and I feel like this course will give them the confidence and foundation to be able to make their own food and even to serve it to the family eventually!

That is available only until June 6.
The Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse is also only available for open enrollment until June 6.
After that date you will have to wait until the next session starts. 
Please check the FREE Knife Skills Class and learn how your kids can be safe and learn necessary skills in the kitchen to benefit their future.
See my first post for more information. 
Look for us to share some of our Kids Cooking Creations this summer!

All About Reading Level 2 Review

My son learned to read when he was 4 years old.  I was so excited!
We went through BOB books and used Reading the Alphabet from This Reading Mama.
I felt like those programs helped to prepare my son for further reading.
We started the Pre-Reading from All About Reading, but in between having baby #2 and trying to juggle life I didn't stick with it.  He had his letter recognition and sounds down well so we were in a good place.
During Kindergarten I dabbled in various phonics reading curriculum.
Nothing was really helping him desire reading and when we came to new words with different sounds he became very "non-teachable" and almost refused to learn to read new sounds.
I was tired of fighting him and decided to take a break. 
We started 1st grade and he was still not advancing like I thought he should.
I was discouraged and disappointed that I hadn't figured out how to help him learn to make reading an enjoyable part of his life.
I absolutely LOVED reading and I wanted that for him. 
I had remembered All About Reading and so I had him take the free placement test.
It looked like we should start Level 1.  But as soon as I got it, I realized that we could start level 2 and he would be just fine.

The first thing I noticed was that the activities with each lesson were different for EVERY lesson!
Herman the Frog showed up every so often to encourage and provide a funny story to keep the kids engaged and interested (He's on the front cover in the top picture on the left side).
Each lesson starts with a title like Lesson 8- Three Letter Blends.
Then there is the objective: In this lesson, students will learn words with three letter blends.
There is a list of what is needed for the lesson like workbook pages, word cards or story books.
Then there's a Before You Begin section that gives some teaching ideas and examples for the lesson to be taught.  Then there is the Review which includes going through all the notecards for the lesson (Phonograms, Word Cards and Previous Concepts).  A great addition to this program is the free app for pronouncing the phonogram sounds. 
The Previous Concepts utilizes the white board with magnetic letters for dividing words.
Then starts the New Teaching.
There are a number of exercises using the white board magnetic letters.
Then there is an activity to complete from the Activity Book.
This one is called a Word Flipper.  There is always a little prep work for the activities, but I just cut them all out the week before and put in a folder to be used on the day we do the lesson.
Then it's time to practice reading words from the lesson on the word cards to be filed in the Reading Review Box. 
Another extra is a Practice Fluency page. 
Be sure as the adult to do a Read Aloud time sometime during the day to reinforce expression, fluency, time spent with your child and enjoyment of a book!
And lastly, put a sticker on the Progress Chart.

Now, this may seem like a lot to do in one day, but honestly, it doesn't take more than 20 minutes.  And if it takes over 20 minutes, then find a good stopping spot.
I actually set a timer.  That way, I know we get our reading time in and we don't work too long or too hard.
I don't include the Practice Fluency page or the Read Aloud time in our regular All About Reading time.
So we started this curriculum in December and within a few weeks, my son was excited to have All About Reading time.  And within a few more weeks, my son was starting to pick up books on his own, even chapter books.
I know I presented a lot of information, but here is what we liked best about All About Reading Level 2:
*Open and Go program (minimal prep)
*Daily success
*Hands on learning
*Variety of activities
*Funny stories
I honestly was a little nervous to see if my son was really going to move ahead in his reading, but he shocked me and embraced the teaching with enthusiasm.
This program has 5 components of reading that were very well integrated throughout all the lessons in the book:
1. Phonological Awareness
2. Phonics and Decoding
3. Fluency
4. Vocabulary
5. Comprehension
My son passed this level with flying colors and he is all ready and very excited to start level 3.
I would recommend this program for any reader, but especially as in my case a reluctant and somewhat resistant reader.  I would now say he is neither of these!
I asked my son what he liked about All About Reading Level 2 and this is what he said (video):
He had fun in front of the camera!
I also used All About Spelling Level 1 simultaneous with All About Reading Level 2 (which is recommended).  They seemed to coincide very well together.  You can really All About Spelling Level 1 review HERE.
*I am affiliate for this company and I highly recommend it!*

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cleaning Caddies!

This summer I've been wanting to figure out a good schedule for cleaning, cooking, learning time, outside play, time with friends, swimming lessons, camping, etc.  Yes, we have a busy summer ahead.

 I'm excited to take a break from our homeschool and hang out with friends.  However, we still need to keep up with the house chores.  I picked some very easy tasks that my kids can do while I try to do some of my own chores.

Here are the weekly chores:
*Disinfect lightswitches and door knobs
*Clean windows and doors
*Wipe cupboards and doorjambs
*Collect garbage
*Bring in garbage and recycle cans
*Sharpen pencils

We also have daily chores like:
*Get dressed
*Make bed
*Vacuum the blue carpet (back door/laundry room area)
*Clean bedrooms (see this great chart)
*Laundry- bring down, fold and put away
*Empty dishwasher, as needed

There are a few other things, but I know this will keep my kids busy and the house clean!

BUT here's the FUN thing I did!  I made cleaning  caddies for the kids!

I went to the dollar store and picked up a caddy, cloth, brush and spray bottle.  I also added a magic eraser to each caddy.
I filled the spray bottle with a little bit of vinegar, some lemon essential oil and lots of water.  It sprays a very light mist.
I will go over each thing in the caddy and show them how and where to use them.  For the first few weeks I will be closely watching how they use their tools. 
My kids absolutely love to scrub and clean and I think they will love these!
PS. My kids are ages 5 and 7 so this is perfect for them.
Will you get your kids cleaning this summer?
Here's a great series to teach your kids how to do chores:

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse- FREE knife skills videos!

Katie Kimball has yet again produced an amazing resource for parents and KIDS!  I am so excited to start this Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse with my kids.  I love to cook in the kitchen and I have invited my kids in the kitchen, but I feel I need more guidance on HOW to teach them.  So, I bought this course and I'm so impressed with all the information and videos that are available.

I own almost all of Katie's ebooks and I must say, I have made some fantastic recipes from her collection.  She uses real food and everything is tasty and easy to prepare.  She lays everything out in simple steps and answers many questions you might have along the way. 

This new Kids Cook Real Food ecourse embraces all of Katie's sure to please recipes and simple procedures to help our kids learn how to cook also.  But this course offers so much more than an ebook.  We get to see Katie teach a group of children how to use knives, mix, pour and bake food. 

If you want to get a taste of Katie's teaching style and some safe ways to teach kids to use knives, you can click this link to FREE knife skills videos.  These are only free until June 6.

Also, you can purchase the Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse between May 30 and June 6.

Here are just a few of the resources you will find in the Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse:
There are lessons for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
There is a full video along with printable instructions for directions as well as flashcards for learning new information, shopping lists and a curriculum map.
This ecourse is fully comprehensive for teaching young kids skills in the kitchen.
What are the payoffs?
*Help getting dinner ready
*Life skills
*Math and Reading skills
*Time spent together
*Good food
*Much, much more!
So be sure to check out the FREE Knife Skills videos and look for more information about the Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse when it is available May 30- June 6!
{I am an affiliate for this company.}