Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children Day 31

Day 31: A Heart for Missions
"Lord, please help my children to develop a desire to see your glory declared among the nations, your marvelous deeds among the peoples." (Psalm 96:3)

What's Cooking? Think Breakfast Outside the Box!!

It's time for school to start and what do your kids grab for breakfast?  A pop tart, cold sugary cereal?  OK, those are  fine every once in a while, but what is going to get your kids going for a whole school day?  Even if you homeschool it's good to start the day off with a nutritious breakfast.  I found this great little ebook by Laura @ Heavenly Homemakers called Think Breakfast Outside the Box.

"If you’re looking for great recipes, helpful ideas, and new ways to prepare a healthy breakfast for your family…this ebook is just what you need!

Learn why it is important to think outside the box for breakfast (outside the poptart and cereal box, that is!). Read helpful tips for preparing healthy meals to begin your day…and learn how to prepare these foods in advance for quick, convenient breakfasts…outside of the box!

The recipes in this ebook use only whole wheat flour, natural sugars and other wholesome ingredients!"
Recipes included in this ebook:
Blueberry Coffeecake
Fruit and Yogurt Delight
Rice Pudding
Whole Wheat Waffles
Blueberry Syrup
Whole Wheat Pancakes
Mini Breakfast Pizzas
Breakfast Burritos
Honey Oat Crunch Cereal
Honey Brown Bread
Sourdough Biscuits
Homemade Turkey Sausage
Breakfast Cookies
Jelly Surprise Muffins
Pineapple Muffins
Gingerbread Muffins
Chocolate Swirl Muffins
Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls
Cream Cheese Frosting

I recently made 3 of these recipes for my family:
Homemade Turkey Sausage- absolutely yummy!  Will never get store bought again!

Breakfast Cookies-I made 2 batches about 7 dozen all together.

Chocolate Swirl Muffins- enough chocolate, but not too sweet.

I love being able to feed my family good food that is actually GOOD for you!  Go ahead and give it a try.

You can purchase this ebook, Think Breakfast Outside the Box for only $5.95.  Or you can purchase this ebook with 3 others in the Heavenly Homemakers Super Ebook Package Special which includes Think Breakfast Outside the Box, Have Your Fruits and Veggies Too,  Have Your Cookie and Eat it Too! and Fill Em' Up for only $19.95.  Have fun shopping and cooking too!

**As an affiliate I receive a small commission from each sale at this site.  Thanks for shopping!**

Music Notes: Raffi (Everything Grows)

One of my favorite children's music artists is Raffi.  He has such great melodies in his songs and easy to catch on to and sing.  I recently picked up this CD at the library and the first song is called "Bathtime."  It is so fun and peppy with great rhyming words. I found myself humming the tune long after the song ended.  I want to memorize it and sing it to my son when he takes a bath.  I also like "Everything Grows."  It's actually a song that my kindergarten class that I taught sang at their graduation.  It, too, is an easy song to memorize and is fun to sing.  I love to sing to my son and he loves to listen to me.  He is always so excited when I say, "OK, let's turn on the music!"  He is ready to bounce, dance and hopefully sing one day soon!

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Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children Day 30

Day 30: Gratitude
"Help my children to live lives that are always overflowing with thankfulness and always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ." (Eph. 5:20; Col. 2:7)

Monday Shareday! Please link up!!

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children Day 29

Day 29: Prayerfulness
"Grant, Lord, that my children's lives may be marked by prayerfulness, that they may learn to pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests." (Eph. 6:18)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children Day 28

Day 28: Self-discipline
"Father, I pray that my children may acquire a disciplined and prudent life, doing what is right and just and fair." (Prov. 1:3)

Saturday Blog Hop

Between the Lines

Hey, it's Saturday. Welcome to Milk N' Honey Learn and Grow. I'm a retired Kindergarten teacher and now a mom of an active 1.5 year old. Journey with me as I learn all about teaching little ones. I have lots of fun with posts:

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children Day 27

Day 27: Passion for God
"Lord, please instill in my children a soul that followeth hard after Thee, one that clings passionately to you."  (Ps. 63: 8)

Free and Fun Friday: Dumping out Grandpa's bag

About a month ago, Shrade and I went to visit my parents.  Shrade is at the age where he gets into everything.  He ended up emptying out my dad's travel bag in about 15 minutes.  It was great!  He had a fun time!  I kept asking my mom if it was OK, and she said my dad didn't care, but I think he was a little surprised to find whole bag emptied out.  Well, it was free and fun for Shrade and I got a few minutes of time to myself too.  Ha, ha!  "Sorry, Grandpa!"

Itsy Bitsy Learning giveaway!

Every Friday, Itsy Bitsy Learning gives away FREE printables from Learning My Letters Curriculum.  Well, I love this since I will be teaching my son his letters.  What a great resource!  Thanks, Itsy Bitsy Learning!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Follow Me Friday


Smart and Trendy Moms

Hey, it's Follow Me Friday. Welcome to Milk N' Honey Learn and Grow. I'm a retired Kindergarten teacher and now a mom of an active 1.5 year old. Journey with me as I learn all about teaching little ones. I have lots of fun with posts:

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Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children Day 26

Day 26: Willingness and ability to work
"Teach my children, Lord, to value work and to work at with all their heart, as working for the Lord, not men."  (Col. 3:23)

Learning Activity: Throwing balls down the stairs

1. Gather balls
2. Go to the top of the stairs
3. Throw balls down the stairs
4. Retrieve balls
5. Do it again and again and again and again!
(Note: A very good activity to do on rainy days and to get LOTS of energy out.  My son took a great nap!)

Have fun!  The giggles of my son were priceless!

Toddler Thursday: Favorite TV/Movies...

Well, we don't really let Shrade watch anything yet, but here are some programs that I will allow him to watch when the time is right that I feel are appropriate and educational:

I'm linking up to Toddler Talk Thursday hosted by Crazy About My Baybah, Family and Life in Las Vegas and My Life as a Sippy Cup Mom.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children Day 25

Day 25: Hope
"May the God of hope grant that my children may overflow with hope and hopefulness by the power of the Holy Spirit." (Romans 15:13)

What's on Our Bookshelf? Usborne Very First Words Animals

Animals (Usborne Very First Words)

I'm always finding great books at the library and this one had my son fascinated.  Each page had a different set of animals in their environment: pets, farm animals, bugs, wild animals, jungle animals, and sea animals.  There are 10-15 animals on each page and each one is labeled.  My son LOVES animals.  His favorite toys are his stuffed animals.  So it's very fun for us to look through this book, name the animals, make the sounds, and match to a stuffed animal in our house.  The other day we went for an hour car ride and I gave my son this book to look at during the long drive.  He looked at the book and flipped the pages the WHOLE time.  It's great to find a book that captures my son's attention.

So what books do your children love to look at and read?

Get this book today: Animals (Usborne Very First Words)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children Day 24

Day 24: A Servant's Heart
"God, please help my children develop servants' hearts, that they may serve you wholeheartedly, as if they were serving the Lord, not men." (Eph. 6:7)

What's Cooking? Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins

Orange Puree

Ever since I discovered the Sneaky Chef I am so impressed with her recipes.  I really love muffins and these are so easy to whip up and they are yummy and packed full of nutrition.  First I made Orange Puree and froze it in a muffin tin (1/4 cup portions).  Freeze, pop out and put in freezer bags.  Thaw out what you want to use in your recipes.

Makes 8 Large Muffins:
(or 16 mini muffins)
- 1 cup Flour Blend (1/3 cup whole grain flour,
1/3 cup white flour, 1/3 cup wheat germ)
- 2 teaspoons baking powder
- One-half teaspoon baking soda
- One-half teaspoon salt
- 2 large eggs
- One-quarter cup brown sugar
- One-quarter cup canola oil
- Three-quarters cup Orange Puree (see Make-Ahead Recipe #2)
- Three-quarters cup smooth peanut butter
- 8 heaping teaspoons favorite jam*
*Note: Jelly doesn't work as well as the thicker variety of jam; jelly just disappears into the muffins.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and line a muffin tin with paper liners.

In a mixing bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt; set aside. In another large bowl, whisk together the eggs and sugar until well combined, then whisk in the oil, Orange Puree and peanut butter. Fold the dry ingredients into the wet and mix until flour is just moistened (don't over-mix or the muffins will be dense).

Scoop about two tablespoons of batter into the large muffin cups until half full. Place a heaping teaspoon of jam in the center of each muffin. Cover the jam with another 2 tablespoons or so of batter, filling the cups just over the top. If you're using mini muffin cups, scale back quantities to fit into the smaller sized cups.

Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, until the tops are golden brown.

**If you child is allergic to peanut butter, use an alternative like almond butter. I tried it and it's just fine!**

This For That at Ten Talents

Do you need some help?  More followers, email subscribers, networked blog followers, twitter followers, entries to your giveaways, etc.  Well, Stephanie at Ten Talents is hosting a This For That Get Help by Helping everyday on her blog.  It's easy.  Post your want and help the three people ahead of you and anyone else you can help. I like it.

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Weekly Schedule updated

Just letting you know I updated my Weekly Schedule Tab on what posts I do weekly and the links to all previous posts on that subject.  I also included a few memes that I plan to participate in.  I'm going to try to be more diligent in reading and commenting on your great posts.  Thanks for stopping by Milk N' Honey.  I love your comments, too!!

Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children Day 23

Day 23: Faith
"I pray that faith will find root and grow in my children's hearts, that by faith they may gain what has been promised to them." (Luke 17: 5-6, Heb. 11:1-40)

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Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children: Day 22

Day 22: Contentment
"Father, teach my children to the secret of being content in any and every situation, thorough him who gives them strength."  (Phil. 4:12-13)

Discovery Toys Giant Pegboard Review

I recently was given the privilege to review a Discovery Toy!!  Jena graciously offered for me to choose ANY toy from her catalog and I picked the Giant Pegboard.  Jena and I live in the same community and we met in person so she could deliver the product to me.  I was immediately drawn to Jena's friendliness and expertise in explaining this particular Discovery Toy to me.  I was so excited to go home and experience this fun learning toy with my son.

The Giant Pegboard is an 10x10 plastic yellow board with 25 holes (on the reverse are 25 pegs to make a geoboard!).  Included are 25 brightly colored pegs in different shapes: circles, squares, triangles, hexagons and stars.  The various colors are blue, green, purple, red and orange.  The stars are a bit more unique because they are see through with little beads inside that shake and rattle.This product is designed for children 19 months to preschool. All parts are completely safe for young ones.

The Giant Pegboard offers a chance for pre-reading and pre-math play.  The key benefits as stated in the catalog are:

  • Identify, sort, and match colors & shapes;
  • Explore positional concepts; next to; on top of; beneath; near; row; column; diagonal; opposite;
  • Strengthen counting skills;
  • Practice fine motor dexterity;
  • Demonstrate addition, subtraction, multiplication and graphing;
  • Develop beginning understanding of geometric shapes, angles, and area;
  • Pattern play sharpens thinking skills and problem solving
 Wow!  I was so excited to let Shrade play with this product!  I decided to let him explore on his own, so I put out the toy in the living room and one day after breakfast Shrade immediately went toward the "new" toy.  He immediately picked out all the star shapes and stared shaking them.  He really liked the rattling sound!!

He also started building towers on and off the tray.  I just chatted about colors and shapes and he said "purple" for the first time. 

 He liked to put his finger in the holes in the shapes too.  He also learned that by stacking the shapes that they do not "stick" together. It was easy to knock them over when stacked.  What fun!  A few days later when I put out the "new" toy, Shrade immediately removed all the stars and made a stack.  He proceeded to do the same with each of the shapes by turn.  I was amazed that among all the those little pieces that he had shape discrimination.  As he continued to play, I labeled colors and shapes as well as counting each shape as he was stacking them.
I think this is a great learning and discovery toy for my little guy.  There are so many possibilities for interaction and discovery!  The little booklet that came with the product also had many good ideas for activities to use with this toy.  As always, let your child discover for themselves.  I was pleasantly surprised at what my son could do!

What I really like are the reasonable prices.  There are toys for every age level and as you can see with this toy, there are possibilities for endless learning at any age.

*This product was provided to me free of charge for purpose of this review. This is my honest opinion of this product and no monetary compensation was received for my opinion.* 

For more information on these great products you can contact Jena and she would be glad to assist you:
Jena's  main website for ordering and contacting:  http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/kennedy
Jena's Facebook fan page:  http://www.facebook.com/mydiscoverytoys
Jena's Twitter Page:  http://twitter.com/mydiscoverytoys

Here are specials good through Aug 31...

The business kit comes with all these toys!

Customer Bonus Offer!

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JOIN Discovery Toys and begin your new DT business for just $89! 
If you’ve ever thought about starting your own Discovery Toys Business, NOW IS THE TIME!
You’ll receive over $400 retail
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with an everyday suggested investment
of $125, NOW for just $89!
The educational consultant kit comes with everything you see above as well as all the business tools you need to start today!
Customer Bonus Offer!
This is the perfect time to stock up on our classic toys for kids of all ages! As a DT Customer this month, you can take advantage of shopping for children of every age with a special 10% discount on some of our most popular products! It’s simple – You receive 10% OFF on the products featured on the following DT Spring/Summer Catalog pages:

Infants: page 12 Infant: page 12
Toddler: page 21
Preschool: page 52
School Years: page 56
Hostess Bonus Offer!

When your Discovery Toys Party reaches $500 or more in sales, you will receive a colorful, roomy, DT ECO Bag, with a Back to School Learning Toy Collection of Products, valued at $102 for just $50!
Hostess Back to School Collection includes:
Description Retail
Busy Farm $20.00
Playful Patterns $22.50
Once Upon A Time $13.50
Wiz Kidz $12.50
Mosaic Mysteries $17.50
Tricky Fingers $13.50
Plus the DT ECO Bag $ 2.50

Here is a link to the PDF version of our catalog:
And here is a PDF link to our current sales flyer:

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Great website: Family Education.com

Of course, I'm always looking for great ideas and I came across this website that has ideas for your child ages 0-18.  I just clicked on the Toddler section and there are several articles on each of these topics:
  • development
  • behavior and manners
  • tantrums
  • discipline
  • nutrition
  • health, hygiene and safety
  • toilet training and diapers
  • sleep
  •  activities
  • entertainment
  • getting ready for preschool
  • expert advice
OK, so here the wonderful website: Family Education.com.  It looks like there is a host of other info, but this is just to get you started.  Find your child's age and see what is helpful for you.

Be sure to come back on Monday for Monday Shareday!  See you then!

Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children: Day 21

Day 21: Responsibility
"Grant that my children may learn responsibility, for each one should carry his own load."  (Gal. 6:5)

I need guest bloggers for September 7-10!!

Hi Everyone-  I am looking for some bloggers to write guest posts on my blog for September 7-10.  Here are my scheduled days and ideas:

*Tuesday- Cooking with kids or for kids (recipes, fun ideas, etc)
*Wednesday- What's on our bookshelf? (any post about books)
*Thursday- Learning Activity (toddler to preschool age)
*Friday- Free and Fun activity (do you have any free and fun things you do with your kids?)

As a guest writer, you may come up with a completely new idea or copy a post from your blog as a contributor.  If you are interested, please fill out the form below.  Thanks!

Please click here to fill out the form:   

Ideas for teaching: Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve Preschool Curriculum

Are you busy getting ready for school? Whether you homeschool or your kids attend school, I want to offer you an idea that will help your kids stay focused on learning and serving.

Laura Coppinger @ Heavenly Homemakers has recently released this amazing resource called Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve Preschool curriculum. I just purchased this and I am so excited to get started using different components for my 21 month old son.

What Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve includes:

* 159 Page Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve Book of ideas, instructions, recipes, tutorials and service planners (the majority of this book can be left paperless, unless you choose to print it and bind it)

* Alphabet Practice Packet (26 pages of printable letter writing practice)

* Alphabet Project Packet (printable projects that go along with various lessons)

* Memory Verse Packet (26 printable memory verses to decorate and place on the wall or in a binder)

* Parent Planning Packet (planning pages, teaching suggestions, scheduling ideas)

 To get a feel for what this kit is like, help yourself to this free sample lesson!

Take a look and see if this is a resource you would like to have.  It is a great supplement to what you are already teaching and I love that is so well planned out.  I'm going to have fun teaching my son his letters as well as learning more about God's word and his plan for us to serve others!

**As an affiliate, I receive a small commission on each sale.  Thanks for shopping!!**

Friday, August 20, 2010

Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Children Day 20

Day 20: Compassion
"Lord, please clothe my children with the virtue of compassion." (Col. 3:12)

Free and Fun Friday: Sprayground

Our city has a very unique facility called a "Sprayground."  You see, here in WA it doesn't get hot enough for swimming outside, but you can definitely run through a sprinkler on those semi-warm days.  This is a great place for kids to have fun and it's FREE!  There are several spraygrounds in our area and they are open all day.  The spray comes off and on so it's a guessing game to see when and where you will get wet.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Toddler Talk Thursday: Favorite Toy


My son's favorite toy is the laundry basket full of animals. Basically he fills the empty basket with all his animals and pushes them around. Sometimes he gets in and we give him a ride. He will do this all day long.

Shrade's other favorite toy is his kitty!!  He has a small one and a big one.  He sleeps with the big one and it always stays in the crib and he plays with the small one and it goes on trips with us.  Can't live without the KITTY!!

Here's a picture with a box.  He loves boxes too.  He will put things in them and carry them all over the house.  He tries to sit in them too, even when he sees boxes in public places like the library!