Thursday, May 23, 2013

Learn to Cook and Teaching Your Kids to Cook ebooks for SALE!!!

I absolutely love cooking and I have gathered my kids in the kitchen on occasion to help me, but I really need some direction and kid-friendly ideas and recipes that will help them to be confident in the kitchen someday.

I recently sent my copy of Teaching Your Kids to Cook to be published into a print notebook so I can start working with my 4 year old in the kitchen more often with good ideas. 

What is in the book:
*19 Teaching Your Kids to Cook Activities like a scavenger hunt, how to measure, keep it clean, follow directions, make a list and much more!
*Simple Kitchen Jobs kids can do
*Kid-friendly recipes at different levels (1-3)
*Activity printables

I am so excited to start this journey with my son. 

This week Heavenly Homemakers is offering a HUGE discount for both books through May 30.  Be sure to snag this deal right away!  I still need to purchase Learn to Cook.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Bible Reading Adventure: Fruit of the Spirit

I thought I would do something a little different.  I am trying to stay offline and do less blogging, but I still want to stay connected to my readers.  I have enjoyed sharing ideas for Bible Reading Adventures this past year.  

This summer I thought we would explore the Fruit of the Spirit.  You can choose from the variety of ideas that I will share here to make your own Bible Reading Adventure.  My desire is for you to spend at least 5 days a week reading the Bible to your kids.  It could just be one verse a day or a small passage.

I'm excited about what we will learn this summer about the Fruit of the Spirit! Taken from Galatians 5:22-23.  This adventure starts June 1 and ends August 31.

*Bible Reading Chart:
Scripture Adventures (FREE)
Use this chart to mark off each day that you read.

*Lesson Ideas:
iKids- Fruit of the Spirit Lesson ideas from iKidsonline
Especially for Tweens- Free Fruit of the Spirit Christian Study for Kids.
Ministry to Children has a great set of ideas for lessons including coloring sheets, games and music.

Christian Preschool Printables have some great craft ideas, games, and mini-books.

Raising Arrows has created a great devotional to use with young children.

Seeds Family Worship- The Fruit Song

*Podcast Program:
We like to listen to Karen and Kids on iTunes through podcasts. She has two episodes on the Fruit of the Spirit.

*Kids Character Chart:
Heavenly Homemakers has a cute little chart to use to teach the Fruit of the Spirit.
Click here to view more details

I hope that I've given you some good ideas for having a Fruit of the Spirit summer.  Some more ideas are to find other verses that address each of the fruits: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. 

I need to cultivate the Fruit of the Spirit as much as my kids.  I pray that you will develop these character qualities and that God will transform your life!

And a great resource just for MOMS is Parenting from the Overflow by Teri Lynne Underwood that goes through each of the Fruit of the Spirit.  I got this when it was free on Amazon (I always snag those deals!).

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer Survival Calendar: TO-DO List

Summer Survival Mini Challenge

Did you purchase the Summer Survival Calendar and have not been able to sit down and get organized?  You are not alone!  I have been so busy, but I honestly need to take a break and plan out my summer.  Susan Heid shares a podcast every Tuesday and today she talked about how to go through a short checklist to make sure the planner works for you.  Also, Jenni over at Hello Mornings gives list for homework to get your Summer Survival Calendar in sync.  Are you ready?

2013 Summer Survival Calendar
First, purchase your 2013 Summer Survival Calendar.

Then, listen to Susan's podcast on her blog: The Confident Mom.

Finally, check out the checklist from Jenni at Hello Mornings.

You will be all ready to go!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Christian Parenting Handbook--Buy it today! Get $400 in FREE resources!!

All week I have been sharing about The Christian Parenting Handbook by Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller.  I believe this is a book that EVERY parent should have in their library and it will be read often.  The major retailers are being sold out, but there are still places to buy this book.

Head over to the  National Center for Biblical Parenting and get your copy today.  And remember that you will get $400 in FREE resources if you buy this book by May 5.

To claim your premium, simply forward your purchase confirmation to and we will email you your special product code for the $400 package.  If you purchased 5 or more copies of the book we'll send you the PDF version of the companion guide as well as the audio package.

I just got my package and I'm thrilled!  I can't wait to learn more about parenting this summer!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Look Out, Ladybug, Hands Off My Honey, Hugless Douglas and the Big Sleepover, What Goes UP Book Reviews (Tiger Tales)

This book is absolutely adorable.  Ladybug is learning how to fly and she takes lots of spinning and tumbles.  She runs into all kinds of animal friends.  The best part about this book are the dotted lines that show the path of Ladybug's practice flying.  This is great for little fingers to trace.

A big scary bear yells "Hands off My Honey!"  He stomps around the forest and says he won't share.  A group of animals- mouse, rabbit brothers and mole, devise a plan to get a taste of that honey.  Mole doesn't seem to know how to creep along the ground and ends up giving away the sneaky plan.  However, Big Scary Bear is all just a game anyway and they ask to play again!  This is a funny book that ended with a twist that cute and quirky!

Douglas the bear is excited to have a sleepover at Rabbit's house.  On his way, he falls into a bush and ends up inviting a sheep to come with him as well as the 9 other sheep stuck to his back.  There is no room for Douglas.  He tries to get wedged in Rabbit's hole and ends up sneezing on the sheep's fleece.  One by one all the sheep pop out of the ground.  Rabbit ends up reading a story to everyone outside by the tree.  This is a cute book about an overgrown bear who is loveable and more than cuddly.

Martin is a sad dragon who wants to fly, but his wings aren't big enough.  He thinks that if he looks like a yellow jacket he can fly or if he sits in a tree he can fly like a leaf.  Neither of these things work.  The children were sad for Martin too, so they tried a game to help Martin believe in himself- flapping wings daily.  And before he knew it, Martin had developed large, strong wings so he could fly!  This was a sweet book about the friendship and encouragement of some children to a special dragon.

*I was given a complimentary copy of this book from Tiger Tales  for my review.  All opinions are my own.*

Find more great books for children at Tiger Tales.

Visit Tiger Tales on Facebook.

May Monthly Plan- 2013

I totally skipped April!  I had way too much going on.  My husband and I went to Palm Springs for a week and I've been spending the last two weeks getting life back in order.


*Bible Verses: We use verses from Songs for Saplings. I love that all the verses are songs. It makes it so easy to remember.

-O verse- "I will Obey your Word." Psalm 119:17

Bible verse activities and printables from Totally Tots

Story time: We are going to continue using the Calvary Curriculum (FREE) and do Bible crafts as well as read from our Bible story books.

We also do free Bible lessons that we get in the mail from The Mailbox Club.

Focus of the month: Obedience
*Resources from Character Concepts- Crossroads of Character and Hands on Character Building
*Excellent lesson plans from Kids of Integrity (free!)

*Milk N' Honey Preschool:
I have abandoned my original plan which was took too much time to prepare with 2 little ones running around.  But I might try it again in the fall.  So here is what we are currently doing which is working well although I don't feel quite as creative.

-Reading- BOB books with printables (see Pinterest board for links to blogs for free printables)
All About Reading

I like using this because I don't have to plan anything and the activities are intentional, fun and full of great learning!  Thumbs up for All about Learning!
Be sure to pick up your FREE activity book from All About Learning.

-Writing- tracing name, sensory ebook, drawing

-Crafts- Paper plate crafts that will include Jessna

*Also with Jessna  who is turning TWO years old this month I'm going to try 5-10 activities from these websites:
*Pocketful of Posies- Toddler Time
*Activity Mom- Learning with your Toddler
* Activities for Toddlers

*Sensory Play:
-water play

We will be using a lot of these activities when we learn the letters!

*Daily Music time:
Songs from Music Notes and CD's we get at the library.
Piano Lessons with Music In Me.

 -watercolor painting
-using paintbrush

*Field Trips:
Library story time for Preschool
Mall playground
Nature Center
Play to Learn- free community program

Hands on activities from Hands On As We Grow

*Other Activities
Check out my Pinterest Boards for Preschool Ideas and more! 
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We are also working through a BIG Preschool Workbook for ages 3-5.

 Shrade (4 years) chore ideas for 4 year olds from Money Saving Mom
Jessna (2 years) chore ideas for Toddlers from Money Saving Mom

We started a new chore chart that I love and that is working.

We are going to try some non-reader recipes with Kids Cooking Activities.  Hopefully 1-2 a month!

I will also use the Preschool and Toddler calendars from Preschool Express.

And we use Highlights Hidden Pictures Playground Club for extra fun!
Highlights Book Clubs

And I'm starting to use 2013 Summer Survival Calendar ! Yay!
2013 Summer Survival Calendar
Click on the picture above to get your copy today for only $5.

Stay tuned to what I will be doing this summer for "school," reading, activities, summer camp and more!  Also, I will be doing another Bible Reading Adventure for the summer!