Friday, December 31, 2010

What's Coming Up in 2011?

I'm not the most creative in coming up with new ideas, so I will be posting what I normally post, but hope to make a more consistent effort.  I have started a new curriculum with my son that I will be sharing with you.  However, I'm due to have #2 in May, so things might slow down close to then.

Here are my ideas for the new year:

*Bi-weekly lesson plans with Brightly Beaming Resources
*Free and Fun Activities
*Learning Resources
*Parenting Ideas
*Book and Music Reviews
*Spiritual Growth Ideas

Happy New Year 2011

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Toddler Talk Thursday: Holiday Traditions

These are our family Christmas photos since Shrade was born.
Next year we get to add baby #2 who will be about 7 months old by then!

We are just starting to create some Christmas traditions.  This year now that Shrade is 2 we are reading a The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook (The Baby Bible Series), singing Christmas carols and playing with this unique Nativity made by a friend of my grandma's.  Next year I hope to add an Advent activity for each day and a paper chain to count down to Christmas which we celebrate as Jesus' birthday.  Also, as far as presents, we are very low key and we only give one present to Shrade.  As he gets older it will change, but he receives a lot from relatives so it's good.  

Another tradition that we started was making MGM cookies to give away.  This year Shrade helped me mix up the colors of the frosting and put sprinkles on the cookies.  He didn't like that it was a messy project.
For the recipe head over to The Knowlton Nest.
To me, these are the best Christmas cookies EVER!

Learning Activity: Carol's Affordable Curriculum

I've been researching around for what I can use to homeschool my little guy.  Shrade just turned 2 and one of my friends uses Carol's Affordable Curriculum with her daycare kids who are about the same age.  So I decided to order for October.  I chose Tiny Tots.  I was amazed at the number of things that were included in the package for less than $10 (shipping price not included).  There is a detailed lesson plan and project for each day of the week (Mon-Fri).

Included in all orders:
*Curriculum guide- lesson plans, menu, calendar, essential skills, certificate
*Story book
*Poster packet
*Large calendar
*All materials needed for projects (no cutting required)

It's a fabulous resource and one I will probably use more in the future.  It's best to start with the new school year in September so you can get the sequence.  They also include a Christian curriculum and a summer curriculum.  I did not choose to do this curriculum this year, but as I said it will be a great resource for me later on.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Building a Spiritual Foundation

Spiritual Growth of Children (FOTF Complete Guide)

I picked this book up when I was teaching Kindergarten and I'm so glad that I kept it because it is an awesome resource for building a spiritual foundation with my children.    This book is part of Focus on the Family.  The book is divided into 4 parts: The single most important task for Christian parents, How to pass on your Spiritual legacy, The content of your Spiritual legacy and Practical questions and resources. 

There is one section I wanted to share with you today.  For ages 0-4 you can lay the foundation with your child.  So I have a 2 year old and these are the important topics that I bring into his daily life in various ways:

*God exists
*God and Jesus love you
*God wants to take care of you
*God created everything
*God created you

How do I do this?  Well, in conversations when we are learning about animals I say, "What a beautiful animal that God created."  And every night I say to my son, "Daddy loves you, Mommy loves you, Jesus loves you most of all."  My son is always very eager to pray and he is even learning how to sing Jesus Loves Me.  There are just so many simple ways to give your children a Spiritual foundation.  Be sure to check out this book so you can give your family a heritage of faith in God.