Monday, March 22, 2010

Library Story Time

My son is 15.5 months old and one of the first places we visited in our community was the library. That's right, at 2 months old, my son and I made the library a weekly visit! Well, I absolutely LOVE books and I want him to love them too. In fact, one of his first words is book!

The library has so many programs and resources that I try to take advantage of many of them. We try to go to a weekly library story time for my son's specific age level. I find this so helpful for many reasons: ideas for books, songs, listening, and social interaction. We also take time to check out books and play in the children's section.
I also like to pick up free articles and magazines. I have found some great (sometimes FREE) activities that I attend with my son. Here's just one free activity that I have been able to enjoy with my son attributed to the library. Last week we picked up a free pass to the local Children's Museum. We invited a little friend to come with us and we took the free link light rail to the museum downtown. How fun is that!Also, I have picked up several book lists of recommended books to read to babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. I not only pick out my own books, but I try to read as many from the list too. This gives me some good guidelines.

So many fun ways to learn and grow through the library!

What are you doing for your "Milk N' Honey" today?

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