Monday, March 14, 2011

Brightly Beaming Resources: Week #6- Rainbows

Studying rainbows was a lot of fun.  We played with a prism and even tried to find rainbows during this time.  Shrade is starting to repeat the nursery rhyme that we learn during the week at other times of the day.  He is having a harder time grasping numbers even though he can count to 10.  We count things all the time and I read a lot of books with numbers in it.  He is having fun recognizing a stop sign which is an octagon and is red which is the shape and color that we have learned the last few weeks.

Here is one of the ways we work with numbers in our lesson.  I give Shrade the number cards and I put out the cards with stickers.  He has to count the stickers and then find the number cards.  I need to do this more not just during "school" time.  One time we reviewed at dinner with daddy.  That was fun!

OK, don't forget to check out Brightly Beaming Resources for great ideas!

Books we read during this week:
The Rainbow FishRainPlanting a Rainbow: Lap-Sized Board BookHawaii Is a Rainbow (A Kolowalu Book)Duckie's Rainbow. Frances BarryA Rainbow of My Own

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