Monday, May 2, 2011

May Monthly Plan

*Bible Verse: Psalm 119:17 "I will obey your word."  from Songs for Saplings

I am going to switch things up this month since I will be taking care of a newborn and my toddler.

Review of what we have learned through Brightly Beaming Resources.

If I have time and feel like it, instead of using Brightly Beaming Resources for this month I will use some Creative Exploration Kits from Lightning Bug Literacy.

*Sensory Play:

*Daily Music time: Songs from Music Notes and CD's we get at the library

-water painting

-take off shoes, coat and backpack and put away
-wash hands
-taking off clothes/diaper and put in laundry basket
-drinking from cup- still need to work on this
-clean up toys- without whining!
-throw away garbage/recycling
-clean up messes on the floor 
-put dishes in the sink
-help put dishes away from the dishwasher- need to do this more
-put clothes in the washer
-HELP mama with new baby!

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