Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Worship Series- My First Study Bible

My First Study Bible: Exploring God's Word On My Own!

My parents are so generous and thoughtful.  They have given Shrade so many Bible story books and I thought that one would be enough.  But each is very unique and for different age levels.  This one: My First Study Bible: Exploring God's Word On My Own! is perfect for reading to my son right now. 

This Bible book goes through each book of the Bible and picks a few stories from each.  The stories are told in first person by the main character.  "Hi, I'm Adam, the first person God made."  There is a picture of that person and throughout the story my son can point out that character and name him or her.  The stories are simple, yet follow the Bible and there are also little inserts that give more information.

At the end of each story is a Think About This box, where the reader is given some points from the story and how it applies to them.  I like that each story focuses on God and what He says or does.  The pictures are incredible and the stories are short, but very interesting.

I can't wait to sit down and read God's Word to my son each day with this Bible.  I can see us reading through this every year and eventually he will read it to me!

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