Monday, October 3, 2011

Brightly Beaming Resources Week #14: Horses

This week we learned about horses.  We took Shrade to the local fair and saw horses.  That was fun!  We learned about letter N and did a craft with newspaper. (Idea from No Time for Flashcards)  I also try to add something else from what we are learning so we glued 14 pieces of newspaper to the N because we learned the number 14 as well.  On the day we learned about brown we scavenged for brown things in our home.  We only spend maybe 10 minutes a day on these activities since my soon to be 3 year old still has a short attention span.  He is enjoying the craft projects so I might try to do more of those, but that's not my strong suit.  Our nursery rhyme was "Ride a Cock Horse."

We really enjoyed reading Fritz and the Beautiful Horses and Robert the Rose Horse over and over!

Books we read:

Here's a really fun activity that we did with #14: I gave Shrade a bucket and he had to run "the circle" in our house and every time he passed I would throw a bead in his bucket.  It got louder each time and he ran off some energy.  Here is just a snippet:


Amanda said...

Awesome video of Shrade! Jonathan loves activities where he gets to run around-- we've tried having letters around the house and naming a letter and having him run to find the letter. He loves it-- and it gets the energy out too!

Shonda said...

That's a great idea, Amanda! I will try that!