Thursday, November 10, 2011

Learning Activity: 1-1 Correspondence with snacks!

I love spontaneous learning time.  The other day when I gave my son crackers and cheese I decided to have him place a piece of cheese on each cracker.  This is called 1-1 correspondence.  I wouldn't know that if I wasn't a teacher of Kindergarten for 12 years.  I also know that many of my students could never master that, so I'm starting things early with my spongey son!  He doesn't even know that he is learning.  Of course, then he can munch all he wants afterwards.

What are some fun ways you teach early learning math skills?


Noline said...

You are a great photographer. I love these simple learning activities and you have a talent for capturing the cutest moments on film. I really enjoy your emails - thank you

Shonda said...

Thanks, Noline! I appreciate your encouragement. I try to capture my silly little kid! Glad you like my pics and emails. I like your comments too!