Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lunch Fun and Ideas!

Lunch is probably the most unplanned meal of the day!  I usually end up slapping together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and open up a jar of homemade applesauce and call it good.  But as much as I plan for breakfast (LOVE making breakfast food) and dinner (something that makes me anxious), I want lunch to be the no brainer.  But I know that lunch can be another great meal if I make the effort.

I literally go numb thinking about what to have for lunch!  I want it to be healthy, yummy and fun.  I want diversity and uniqueness.  It's not that I want to be exotic, but I want to be as creative as I am with breakfast and dinner.  But coming up with lunch ideas leaves me a blank slate.  SO, I went to one of my favorite food blogs and found a LUNCH LIST!  Yes!!

You can download your healthy lunch list from Heavenly Homemakers.

 Welcome to Karen & Kids!
Another idea that I found after I got my smartphone was a podcast for kids.  We listen to Karen & Kids every day at lunch.  Karen and a bunch of kids sing and tell Bible stories and make them relevant for  real life.  My kids love the songs and I often hear them singing these songs through the day.  That gives us something positive to talk about and also it gives me a break from talking!

The other day we got a surprise from Karen & Kids!  We sent them a letter and they sent us back 8 CD's, stickers and bookmarks.  My kids were so excited and I was as well.

After lunch I've started a training time.  I'm reading a book by the Duggar girls and they shared that their family plays The Obedience Game.  Basically, you give each child a special little task and they have to say "Yes, mom, I'd be happy to!"  Off they go and then they report back.  Big high fives for everyone!  I'm hoping as I do this, my kids will respond well in REAL situations.

Also, we are enjoying reading The Boxcar Children for a calming story time as we prepare for quiet time.  We are on book 7.  While I read both kids are writing or drawing in their journals.

That sums up our lunch hour.  I've learned to try to make each moment count.

Blessings, Shonda

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