Friday, June 17, 2016

Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse Lesson 1: Spreading and Peeling (Beginner)

We had our first Kids Cook Real Food Cooking Class on Tuesday!
We learned about spreading and peeling.

First we watched the All Kid video at breakfast to prepare for the class to come later in the day.
I set up the table with the necessary supplies.
Kids put on their aprons and washed their hands.
We reviewed the "rules."
Then we started watching the teaching video.
Mrs. Kimball showed us how to do spreading for butter on bread and peanut butter in celery.
She has some fun words and ways to show us these techniques.
We also learned a Daily Nugget to help us remember a nutrition fact.
During the video we paused at various points to do our own work.

Spreading butter on bread.  He thought this was easy.

Spreading peanut butter in celery for ants on a log.

Peeling carrots.

A peeled cucumber.

All done!  A yummy snack built to enjoy.

will be offered again in the Fall.
Click HERE to be notified when the next class is available.
We'll be sharing more about our cooking adventures and the great ecourse that is helping us.
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Grapevine Studies- FREE elesson on Ruth + SALE!

This past Spring I decided to try out Grapevine Studies for our Bible curriculum.  My kids really enjoyed drawing and interacting with the story.  I really like how the lessons only focus on a few verses at a time.  It gives a chance to really study and discuss and know what is happening in a story or what is being taught.

eLesson Ruth in Moab cover 

Check out the FREE elesson on Ruth for the month of June.  Try it out and see if it's a fit for your family. 

See my review on the Resurrection lesson.  My kids were 7 and 4 and they really enjoyed and learned a lot through these short lessons.  We used the Beginner series.

This Fall we will be doing the Creation lessons.  I am very excited to share the Bible with my children through stick figures.  We will use the Beginner series again and as my youngest gets older we will move into the materials for older children.

This offer is good through June!
Click on the picture above for the discount.

*I am an affiliate for this company.*