Friday, August 30, 2019

Teach Your Kids to Cook this Fall...use Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse

I have always loved to be in the kitchen.  In fact, I want to be the only one in the kitchen, but then how will my kids learn?  I started letting them "help" me in meal prep, but that would sometimes end in frustration for me as I wanted to do things MY way.  Then I discovered Katie Kimball's Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse.  At first I thought, oh, I can teach all that stuff to my kids.  But when I took the free knife skills class I realized that I needed to be taught HOW to teach my kids.

Katie has a very fun and easy way to teach young and older children kitchen skills.  She breaks it down in 3 levels and has 8 lessons for each level.  They can all be taught at the same time if you have different skill levels.  She has a complete digital ecourse that is set up with so many great features such as videos, downloadable ebooks and lessons plans.

Check out the Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse. 

Today my daughter and I learned about measuring.  We learned how to look for hills and holes as well as how to flatten out the ingredients.  She made taco seasoning and a mix for apple muffins.  All these ingredients came from our real food kitchen pantry!  I know that growing up I used boxed mixes for everything, but my daughter is learning you can just as easily make things from scratch and she probably doesn't even realize that's what we are doing!!

Just look at what Katie Kimball has taught her kids to make using real food in easy ways.  I love watching her in action and seeing how confident her kids are in the kitchen.  That is what I desire for my kids too and we are well on our way.

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***The Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse is closing it's cart on September 4th and will not be open again until November.  So register today to get started!***

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