Friday, June 25, 2010

Giveaways and Summer Reading Challenge!

Last chance to enter this giveaway:

*Boogie Wipes 2 (30 count) packs ends 6/25

Other giveaways going on:
*Episencial Sunny Sunscreen ends 6/30
*Munchie Mug ends 7/2 (LOW comment)
Being a former teacher and now a mom, I am very focused on reading with my child.  I have read and heard so many things and even told my student's parents that reading is a MUST.  From the time my son was born I started reading to him and taking him to library story time.  At 19 months he has a good vocabulary and can identify many pictures and real life objects.  It's so exciting to see him learn.  I contribute it to having read to him since day 1. 
Anyway, I would like to recommend that you participate in the Summer Reading Challenge sponsored by No Time for Flashcards.  Every week you fill out a form of what books your child read or what you read to your child.  Alison also has a drawing for a free Alphabet craft ebook once a week.  Click on the link above for more info and get started!  It's a fun way to track what you are reading.
Take time for your Milk N' Honey today!

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