Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's on our Bookshelf: Wild Animal Baby

Last year my mom and dad subscribed to this really cute and very educational magazine for my son: Wild Animal Baby.  I absolutely feel in love with this magazine.  It has so many wonderful features that really engage your young toddler.  There is usually a little story about an animal at the beginning.  There is also a matching, identifying colors, shapes, and numbers.  There is also a little finger/action play poem, opposites, seek and find page and an ending story.  Sammy Skunk is hiding throughout each book and Shrade loves to find Sammy Skunk!  On the back page is ideas for parents and also an alphabet card to cut out and use for learning beginning letter sounds with animal names.  What I like best is that the pictures are real and I just love that it is highly educational even for ages 1-3.  So check out Wild Animal Baby for your own and enjoy a fun learning time with your precious child.


cookiesANDclogs said...

Great find! When my daughter was younger, we really like the Highlights "High Five". She still liked it but at 7 we needed to upgrade :) BTW, love your site and tips. I've been homeschooling my daughter for the past 4 years so being able to benefit from a credentialed teacher is great :)

Belly Charms said...

I am a new subscriber and follwer - nothing like Mailbox Monday on Friday :) Have a great weekend and thanks for subscribing to