Monday, January 16, 2012

Brightly Beaming Resources: Week #19- Boats

This week was fun as we studied BOATS with Brightly Beaming Resources.  We actually did not get a chance to go down and look at boats, but we pretended to make a boat in our living room!
In the "boat"
We had fun making triangles with a recipe from The Sneaky Chef for Cheesy "Animal" Crackers.  We just made ours triangles.  They are so yummy!  The sneaky ingredient is pureed chickpeas.  Of course, I like anything with cheese and so does Shrade. 

And for letter S we made our craft from No Time for Flashcards!  Snakes are NOT my favorite creature, but Shrade is having fun learning to write S since it is the letter of his first name.  (Well, so is mine!)

We counted to 19 and put 19 plastic animals in an egg carton tray.  We counted as we put them in and counted as we took them out.

We also had some fun painting a watercolor ocean for the sailboat.

And of course we sprinkled in some hands on sensory fun with Everyday Sensory Alphabet Activities.

Books we read:

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