Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hope for the Weary Mom Book Review

I am a weary mom.  I thought I would have life so much more together as a stay at home mom.  But I don't and I won't.  This life was not meant to be easy and I am going to be weary because that is how God is glorified.   But I need hope.  Am I the ONLY one who feels this way?  NO!  I have found several blogs for moms that have really inspired me to pursue God's power in my weakness.  The MOD Squad is for moms of girls and the MOB Society is for moms of boys.  On Saturdays in November they did a series called Hope for the Weary Mom and has now been made into an ebook.  Each chapter really resonates with me because now I know I am not alone in this motherhood journey.  Stacey and Brooke honestly address when gentle words won't come, when you don't measure up, weakness and desperation, why you can't live at the spa, when you just want to give up, sacrifice and when life hurts too much.  And as they share these stories (which are so familiar they could be my own), they give hope from God.  This book also has a help section with resources for discussion questions and a list of Bible verses for the weary mom.  At the end is the Weary Mom Manifesto!

This book spoke volumes to me as my everyday struggle as a mom is focusing on my failures instead of the  victorious life God has for me.  I have copied this ebook and I read it weekly to encourage me to look to the One who is my very source.  I have placed many of the verses for the weary mom around my home to remind me that I can't, but He can.  Be encouraged today and get your free ebook by subscribing to the MOD Squad or the MOB Society.  Have Hope!

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Annette W. said...

From one weary mom to another...thank you...going to check it out.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I will have to look into the book.

Susan Case said...

I can't imagine you not being the perfect mom. But we all need God's help - even when we don't know it. Great review.