Friday, January 30, 2015

Learning God's Word: Reciting Psalm 1

Do you teach your kids to memorize Scripture?  Our children learn verses every week at their Awana program.  My son even learned to recite the New Testament books of the Bible this year!  Also, as we learn verses we talk about what they mean. 

This past year we started learning Psalm 1.  I found a very cute (free) printable to make into a book at Ministry to Children.  Every time we colored a page we learned the verse and also the meaning.  We did some acting, role play and games.  It was fun, but the kids also got another layer of who God is and what his plans are for our lives.

Cover for Psalm 1 coloring book

Coloring pages of the Psalm 1 book from Ministry to Children

Here are my two children reciting their verses: (click here and here to watch the videos if you are receiving this by email)

We've been learning this since the beginning of last summer.  We review it often and the kids were excited to share it with you!

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