Thursday, February 12, 2015

Field Trip: Tinkertopia

I am always looking for fun and unique places to visit with my kids.  Recently I found this very cool store in Tacoma called Tinkertopia.  It's a creative reuse center and alternative art supply store.  There is also an area for anyone to come and "tinker."  Spend 2 hours using any of the materials to make your own creation. 

Recently I scheduled our little homeschool group to visit this very FUN store for a field trip.  It was great to watch all these kids finding "junk" and making such unique projects.  My son couldn't quite figure out what he wanted to make so he just gathered all of his supplies.  But while there you can use any of the tools they have like hammers, hot glue guns, drills and more!

Here are a few pictures from our fun morning:

Jessna found these butterfly wings!

And here is the final project that my son made:
It's a fire engine.

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