Thursday, June 4, 2015

Summer Fun!!

Hi Friends-  It's Summer!  We seem to have a lot of rain in the winter and are stuck inside so I'm very glad for the sunny days of summer for outside fun.  I started a new group this year to get together with friends for parks, movies, concerts, hiking, , to the beach, ice cream, picnics, strawberry picking, blueberry picking and more! 
My son a few years ago picking strawberries

I made a summer notebook and registered the kids for camps and VBS.  We also are going camping and my son will go visit both sets of grandparents by himself this summer.  And I will have some FREE time to myself.  As a homeschool mom, I am always with the kids so summer is a time for me to have some alone time while I let the kids be taught by others.  Let me know if you want me to share my notebook in a short video.

Our garden is going crazy, but that means we don't have much play space.

This year we got a backyard pool.  The kids love water.  I also will take them to swimming lessons and I hope they at least learn to get their heads in the water. 

We are starting a new "summer" routine which is something I will keep doing in the fall.  I included chores, summer school, free time and of course, food!  When we are at home we will follow this routine.  I also am paying the kids for chores.  It's working well.  I post the schedule every day and go over my expectations. 
At breakfast I usually read a Bible story, a manners book, do some oral math and review our character values and Bible verses.  At lunch I am reading a chapter book.  I find so many great ideas on other  blogs and Pinterest.  At dinner I do a devotion.  We also are going to memorize some verses about God and do some coloring sheets from Ministry to Children.
We will also be doing the summer reading program with our library.
And every day my son will read a Bible verse.  We are starting in 1 John.  It's so fun that he has learned to read and I want him to desire to read the Bible for himself. 
Another fun thing I'm going to blog about is our Kids Cooking times!  I hope to do it at least once a week.  So look for some kid friendly recipes with my two favorite helpers!
OK, that's my plan for the summer!  I'll check in with you off and on.  Have a great day, Shonda

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