Thursday, February 25, 2016

All About Spelling from All About Learning Press

Spelling Can Be Easy
We recently started using the All About Spelling Level 1 program from All About Learning Press.
I had tried a different spelling approach that wasn't working for my first grade son.  He was frustrated and I was frustrated.  What was wrong?  He knew his letters and sounds.  Why couldn't he just sound them out to write words?  I thought and thought.
Then I remembered All About Learning Press!  They had a spelling program that had a unique approach which focused on a hands on approach with many different levels of engagement. 
I decided to drop what I was doing and start All About Spelling.
I am SO glad I did.
Each lessons starts with a  review (using flashcards- in handy box with dividers), has a new teaching (spelling rule, working with letter tiles, etc.), spelling with tiles (10 words to practice the new rule using the letter tiles) and spell on paper ("spelling test") which also includes dictated phrases that the student repeats and writes (starts later in the book).
The KEY to this approach is short teaching times and mastery of the concepts.
I started by trying to do the WHOLE lessons which took a long time and we both were tired and frustrated.  I re-read the suggestions at the beginning of the book and it says to do 20 minute lessons.  So we started setting a  timer.  When 20 minutes was up we stopped and then started back at that spot the next day.  That worked great.
After each step is finished the student can put a cute bee sticker on a chart to see progress.  This was my son's favorite part.
The really amazing thing is that he made almost 100% on every test he took!  Yes, with all the built in review, working with letter tiles and various activities, he was confident and excited to show me what he had learned! 
My son can now spell 170 words! And he has learned several spelling rules to help him when he gets stuck.  I am amazed!
I highly recommend this program if you want to see your child succeed in an area that can cause a lot of frustration and discouragement. 

No more tears here!
Check out this program at All About Learning Press.

I am an affiliate and any purchase you make is appreciated at no extra cost to you.

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Merry said...

Your son is such a cutie! Congratulations on finishing Level 1!