Friday, March 4, 2016

"Every Day's Your Birthday" by Miss Nina and the Jumping Jacks CD Review

One of our FAVORITE music artists in Miss Nina!  We have watched her weekly videos since my kids were very little and they still love her.  She is personal, talented and funny.  She has a wide range of songs with motions, special guests and her trademark cotton candy pink Daisy rock acoustic guitar. 
We fell in love with Miss Nina and one of her previous album's  Sha Doo Be Doop (which I reviewed on my blog).  Her lively songs are super fun to listen to and dance to.
Her new album Every Day's Your Birthday is set to release on May 6 (my daughter's 5 year birthday).    This album is a great mix styles from pop rock of the 60's and 70's, some rap, jazz and country.  Who can pull off all these different musical interests and create a spectacular album for kids (and parents too)?  Miss Nina, of course! 
Every Day's Your Birthday is all about music and movement.  And Miss Nina says, "Why not make every day a great day?"  I agree!  When you listen to Miss Nina you will agree too.  Our favorites songs are My Freeze Dance (doo wop pop dance), Up and Down and Silly Wheels on the Bus.  The dynamics between the instrumental band and Nina's friendly singing voice is a sure crowd pleaser. 

You can find more information about Miss Nina:
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  Miss Nina on YouTube.
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*I was given the opportunity to review this album from Waldmania.  All opinions are my own.*

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