Friday, August 12, 2016

All About Learning Press- Pre-Reading Level for Preschool

This year my 4 year old daughter started the Pre-Reading Program through All About Learning Press.  She already knew her letters and sounds, but I really wanted to make sure she had a good foundation before we started introducing her to more formal reading. 
This program does not just teach letter names and sounds, it also teaches 5 important skills called The Big Five Skills.  These are print awareness, phonological awareness, letter knowledge, listening comprehension and motivation to read.  These skills include rhyming, counting words in sentences, syllables and more.  The best thing is they are all taught within a game format using a fun puppet who is named Ziggy the Zebra!


My daughter looked forward to All About Reading time everyday.
We started by singing the alphabet chart, then we did a letter activity and played our special game with Ziggy.  When all done she put a sticker on her chart and had a craft page to share with daddy at dinner.
Here's a video of my daughter singing the ABC song:

The first 26 lessons focus on Capital letters, the next 26 lessons focus on Lowercase letters and the last 26 lessons focus on the sounds of the letters.  There are flashcards, craft pages with coloring, cutting, gluing and painting and activity sheets. 
The teaching touches each learning style for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.
My daughter is solidifying her reading skills in so many ways.
She has gained confidence in knowing each letter and the sounds. 
She has also started sounding out CVC words.
We also started this great new free program online called Reading Bear.
My daughter just turned 5 and she is excited to start All About Reading Level 1 in the Fall!
If you are not sure what level your child should use, be sure to access the free placement tests for your child.  And there is always a review at the beginning of each book. 

Don't forget to pick up your FREE ABC Summer Snacks Cookbook.  It's so fun to connect language and food!

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