Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Kid Made This Challenge (Kids Cook Real Food)

We had a great start to our summer learning to cook with Kids Cook Real Food ecourse.  We have only been able to do two lessons so far which I have shared about here on my blog:

Lesson 1: Spreading and Peeling

Lesson 2: Dull Knife Slicing

If you want to get the FREE knife skills class, be sure to sign up for the #mykidmadethis challenge. 

Then registration will be open for the Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse from August 17-24.  Don't miss out!  But be sure to sign up for the challenge below so you won't miss the registration for the ecourse coming up!

Sign up for the #mykidmadethis challenge
Get free downloads of recipes, instructions and shopping lists.
Enter to win for prizes!

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