Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Our curriculum choices for 2016-2017 Kindergarten

Here are my choices for Kindergarten curriculum.
OK, this is going to sound like a LOT, but I don't do everything everyday.  See below for weekly schedule.  Sorry that I'm so late in sharing this, but we have really enjoyed the curriculum we have used this year.  Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!

*Grapevine Bible Study- Old Testament Overview
*Character Concepts- Character Trails
*Morning Time- verses, poems, songs

Language Arts:
*Language Lessons for Little Ones Volume 1 (I love how this program is designed.  My son started here and is now on the 4th book in the series.)

-All About Reading Level 1 (LOVE this program!)

-Reading the Alphabet- we do this off and on
-Reading Lesson- slowly working through this book
*Skills and Math- Rod and Staff Preschool books
*Handwriting- Handwriting Without Tears (I love this way of teaching handwriting!)

*Math Lessons for a Living Education Volume 1 (I used this with my son and we really liked it, but we have an older edition).

*Give Your Child the World- reading books from different countries
*Nature Friend Magazine
*A Living History of Our World Volume 1

I also use Usborne books and I read aloud  A LOT (see ideas from Read Aloud Revival).

*Piano- PiAnimals
*Swimming co-op
*Kids Cook Real Food
*Homeschool co-op

Reading Bear- FREE

Each morning at breakfast I read from Nature Magazine, The Story of Inventions (Usborne Books) and we listen to Daily Audio Bible for Kids.  After breakfast we do a few chores and then we start Morning Time.  We spend 15 minutes quietly reading and looking at books.  Each child has their own box of books.  Then we have 15 minutes of moving and dancing.  After that we sit on the couch and read from a book recommended by Give Your Child the World (we are reading through books from a different continent each month).  We also are memorizing famous paintings with Usborne art cards and we read a page from the Usborne Encyclopedia.  Then we move to the coffee table and go through our Morning Time notebook with songs, poems and verses.  We then do our Grapevine Study (Stick figures through the Bible).  We have a little break and snack.  Then each child moves to their independent work.  My daughter usually finishes earlier than my son, so then I move on to her one on one work with me.  We do Handwriting Without Tears, All About Reading and some math skills.  Then she's off to play!  We do a few of the other things listed here and there.  It's been a fun year so far!

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