Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Our curriculum choices for 2016-2017 2nd Grade

These are the curriculum choices for 2nd grade.  See below for a weekly schedule.

*Grapevine Bible Studies- Old Testament Overview
*Character Concepts- Character Trails
*Morning Time- verses, poems, songs

Language Arts:
*Language Lessons for the Very Young Volume 1
*All About Reading Level 3
*All About Spelling Level 2
*Handwriting- Printing with Pictures Book E
*Creative Writing- Here to Help Learning- Paragraph Writing Flight 1 (I love this approach to teaching creative writing!)  Here is my son's first story: click HERE to see video

*Math Mammoth for 2nd grade (My son has really done well with this curriculum)
*Xtra Math- He finished the addition section!
*Math Wrap ups

*Patterns of Nature- Rod and Staff 2nd grade
*Nature Friend Magazine

*Which Way USA
*A Living History of Our World Volume 1
*Our Father's World - Rod and Staff 2nd grade
*Give Your Child the World- reading books from different countries

*Piano- Hoffman Academy
*Swimming co-op
*Kids Cook Real Food
*Homeschool Co-op

*Xtra Math

Weekly Schedule:

Morning Time (includes Bible)
Daily Learning Notebook- Clipboard with various independent work pages or books
One on one time with Mom for Reading, Spelling, Creative Writing, History

We also added gymnastics to our Spring PE program

Swimming co-op in the Fall
Electives- Cooking, Piano

Homeschool co-op
Library day

As you can see we are very busy.  I would love to share more of what I do in my homeschool, but I'm so focused on my kids during my homeschool day and I do lots of cooking, cleaning, working out and I always feel like I can't keep up.  My husband also needs me to help in things he does around the home like the garden, canning and dehydrating.

If you want to keep up with what we are doing, you can follow my FACEBOOK page.  It's much easier for me to post a few pictures and share what we are doing rather than writing up a blog post.  So, please check out my page and see what we are doing.  I would love it!

I hope this has given you some ideas for what you can do in your homeschool.

I'm sorry this was shared so late in the year, but I hope it gives you some ideas for what you might like to use with your kids.  Let me know if you have any questions. 

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