Thursday, October 7, 2010

Growing Kids God's Way: Your Child's Conscience

We are now on session 5 of our study in Growing Kids God's Way.  I love how this class starts with foundational principles before it conquers the practical ones.  It gives the basis for why we teach what we teach to our kids.

I am going to be very brief in this post, but your child's conscience is their heart.  It warns you when you are about to do wrong, and it accuses you through guilt.  On the positive side, it prompts you to do right and confirms when you do.

The goal for you as a parent is to train your child to use their conscience to guide them.  You move from prohibitive training in the early years to positive training starting at about 3 years old.  Over and over our class teachers tell us that to teach in times of non-conflict.  This helps to build the moral warehouse (previous lesson).

Ask yourself this question: Who is shaping my child's heart?  Let it be you and not the world!

Next week: Respect for Authority and Parents

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