Monday, February 28, 2011

Brightly Beaming Resources-Week #5: Lighthouses

We've been having so much fun going through our Brightly Beaming Resources lessons.  I'm learning a lot and getting my feet wet in homeschooling and Shrade is soaking up everything.  He is a little hesitant to try new things like when we built "stairs" to climb up to the lighthouse to shine the beacon.  (See picture below)
During this week we learned about octagons.  I didn't even have to "teach" it!  He already knew.  Now we are looking for octagons in our real world like a stop sign.

Daddy built this lighthouse and added a "beacon"
Some books that we enjoyed reading during this week:
The Lighthouse Children (I Can Read Book 1)The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge: Restored EditionLighthouse: A Story of Remembrance

Sample lesson day:
I say to Shrade, "It's school time, get out the poster!"
Shrade happily moves the poster from the wall and leans it up against the couch.
We sit crosslegged in front of it and I go over each section of the poster starting with the theme. 
Basically I ask him what the pictures are, colors, numbers, letter, etc.
We also say the nursery rhyme 2-3 times and I add hand movements or just rhythm by slapping his knees.
He normally doesn't participate in the nursery rhyme, but you might hear him say it later.
Then we read a book related to the theme.
At the end we focus on one component of the poster such as octagon and find all the octagons in the house and we even built one with blocks.
Brightly Beaming Resources gives activities for each section of the poster.
Then we are done and Shrade puts the poster away.
Then usually at dinner I ask Shrade to tell daddy what he learned that day.

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