Thursday, February 3, 2011

Growing Kids God's Way: Discipline with Encouragement

This week we talk about Discipline with Encouragement!

I'm just going to highlight a few good pieces of practical information:
*Remind your children of what is expected before and event (pre-activity encouragement).  Such as, before you enter the library say, "We are going in to the library.  Today we will not play.  Mama has to drop off and pick up books.  Please stay with me.  Do you understand?"

*For older kids, you do the same thing and then ask dialogue questions so they have a firm grasp of what you expect.

*Use positive words not negative words.  Instead of, "Don't knock over your cup."  Say, "Keep your cup flat on the table."

*Reward behavior!  No, don't bribe.  Say, "Because you were good in the store today..."  not, "If you are good in the store today..."

*Rewards can be tangible and non-tangible.  Our son loves it when we praise and clap for him.  We try to catch him doing good often.

Also, one of the biggest tips I learned in the class was to teach during times of non-conflict.  Example: Today Shrade and I were sitting on a bench next to the road and I talked about safety.

So, how do you discipline with encouragement in your home?  :)

Next time: Discipline with Correction

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