Monday, February 20, 2012

21 Days of Prayer for Sons- Warrior Prayers (May 1-21, 2012)

There is nothing more important to me and no greater privilege than praying for my children. I was so grateful for finding Brooke McGlothlin's Warrior Prayers ebook that was an excellent guide to pray for my son using Scripture! I have prayed through this challenge two times now. I even hosted a prayer challenge last Fall right here on Milk N' Honey Learn and Grow.

This year, the MOB society is going to have ONE prayer challenge from May 1-21, 2012. Be sure to get your Warrior Prayers Ebook  which is only 99 cents before then.

Let me know if you will be praying along!

Only 99 cents! 


HL said...

Lovin Brooke's book! Always up for joining other's in prayer! Although, I'm currently not blogging... I'll share on Google+ and FB!!

April said...

You were an awesome host last fall Shonda!! :) I was excited to see the challenge for May and will be taking part in it, can't wait! Blessings to all!