Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Monthly Plan

*Bible Verse:  D verse, Zephaniah 3:17 "He will take great delight in you."      Songs for Saplings 
We are making a little book for these verses and we sing them everyday during our "Bible study" time.

Bible verse activities from Totally Tots

*Brightly Beaming Resources:  We are using the Preparatory Curriculum for 2-4 year olds for Shrade.
I try to blog about what we do for each "weekly" activity.  It takes us about 2 weeks for each theme.  We will be done with the Prep Curric when we reach 26 lessons!  Not many more left.  :)  Then we will start The Letter of the Week Curriculum for preschool age.

*Brightly Beaming Baby:  Jessna is now 9 months old for the Nursery Age lessons.  Each lesson is 2 weeks long and includes literature, poems, nursery rhymes, Bible, speech & vocab, classical music, lullaby, foreign language (I'm going to do some Spanish and sign language), baby game, exercise and baby massage.  I love these lessons because they give me a focus on what I can do to entertain my baby!  It's fun and she loves it.  I hope to do more things with her!  I've been very slack with Jessna, but I do as much as I can.  Keeping up with 2 kids is more than I can handle most days.

*Sensory Play:
-water play- loves this!

We will be using a lot of these activities when we learn the letters!

*Literature Connection
We are going to do some fun activities with The Gingerbread Man with ideas from Totally Tots!  They featured this all last month, so now that I have the ideas I will run with it.

*Fun With Colors
Every month this year I will pick a different color to focus on for one week.  For February I chose RED!  I will be using ideas from Teach Your Tot and Totline 123 Colors : Color Day Activities for Young Children (1-2-3 Series: Ages 3-6) by Jean Warren.

*Daily Music time: Songs from Music Notes and CD's we get at the library. 

*Pre-Math Activities
 I'll be using this book Totline 123 Math: Pre-Math Activities for Working With Young Children (1-2-3 Series, Math: Ages 3-6) by Jean Warren.  I'll try to blog about some of the activities that we do.

 -watercolor painting

*Field Trips:
Library story time for Preschool
Childcare- during Bible study

Mall playground

Pretend Play:
-building a fort
-dress up with scarves and hats

*Other Activities
I also have found other activities that I have put on my Pinterest boards: Preschool Ideas and Preschool Activities.  Come follow me!
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 What Shrade can do: 3 years of age
-When asking a question to mommy and daddy, begin with "May I please...?"
-wash hands
-taking off clothes and put in laundry basket
-putting clothes on
-drinking from cup
-throw away garbage/recycling
-clean up messes on the floor
-put dishes in the sink
-help put dishes away from the dishwasher
-put clothes in the washer
-Help mama with the baby
-Cooking with mama
-spelling his name
-potty trained!

 What we are working on:
-clean up toys- say "yes, mama" when asked without whining or crying- still working on this
-brushing teeth (we've been working on this for awhile)
-wash face and hands and brush hair

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