Friday, June 6, 2014

Mind Organization for Moms (Part 2)

My second really fun project for Mind Organization for Moms was to establish my "office" center.  I do not have any one place to call my own.  My desk has orchids on it, my computer is on the dining room table and I have scattered boxes and piles of papers everywhere.
I took some of April's ideas and made them work for me.  I found a little space on our kitchen counter in the corner.  I took away the mess that was cluttering up that space and make it neat and beautiful.  It's central and I walk by it daily.  I don't plan to spend long there, so I don't need a chair.  It's perfect.
I had a lot of fun shopping for just the right things.  I also have a large tub for my inbox on the dining room table and a file box instead of cubbies for all my other plans that I am writing out and filing away (brain no longer needed to store all this information).  You can find out all about these different filing systems in the program.
Do you have a space to call your own?  I really thought that writing all my thoughts on scattered on papers everywhere was a "good" idea, but I was always losing things.  With this system, I am able to organize all my thoughts and keep everything central.
Check out Mind Organization for Moms today!!

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