Friday, June 13, 2014

Mind Organization for Moms (Part 3)

Are you still thinking about Mind Organization for Moms?  Well, I thought about it for a LONG time before I actually did it.  I think what held me back was the amount of things I had to do and the time to try to get them done to set it up.  I'm a big picture girl and little details bog me down.

One day I decided to just take the plunge and guess what?  April Perry had set up a M.O.M. in Two Weeks program with 8 assignments.  Yes!!  I think that is what helped me feel better able to handle getting started.  It was broken down into steps that I could do.

So I signed up for the emails and I did it!  I got my Mom Machine set up and all my files in one place.  I started writing down everything that was on my brain and getting my to-do list organized.  It was a busy two weeks, but I'm so glad I did it!

Here's a little video of my progress:

Here's an better picture of my cubbies (file box)

Check out Mind Organization for Moms today!!

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