Monday, March 28, 2016

Morning Time

I started something new this year called Morning Time.
It may not be new to some of you and actually it's something that I used to do when I taught Kindergarten, but I called it Circle Time.
However, I think Morning Time in homeschool has much more to it.
I probably started off doing too much so we are doing much less now, but basically we learn Bible verses, poems, and our character value (Character Concepts).

I also read a devotion, a Bible story or our science book (Come and See).

We light a candle, sing (and dance), pray and try to cultivate what Pam Barnhill has modeled in her podcast and ebook- Truth, Goodness and Beauty.
I first heard about Morning Time from Sarah at Read Aloud Revival.
Pam Barnhill from Ed Snapshots has expounded on this idea with an ebook with a short video course on how to set up a notebook and also an excellent podcast with inspirational guests and free printables.
Here are a few videos of the poems my kids memorized this year:
My 7 year old son learned My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson
My 4 year old learned Abraham Lincoln (Traditional)

So, we are enjoying adding this as part of our day. 
I will add things each year and I look forward to continuing on with our Morning Time.

There are so many ideas that I have gleaned to how I want to craft our Morning Time, but I'm taking it slowly.

Do you do Morning Time?
Tell me about it!

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