Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Which Way USA from Highlights +FREE guidebooks and maps!

We have been having so much fun this year using Which Way USA from Highlights magazine.  It is like a fun tour of each state.  If you have ever seen any Highlight puzzle books, you will see that this is similar, but each puzzle visits a different part of the state and there is a contest going on between these 2 kids and several other team opponents.  The puzzles are fun, sometimes challenging, informative and something that my son and I look forward to doing.  Sometimes we work together and sometimes he does it alone. 

Some of the puzzles need you to consult the state map.  So usually when we start the book I read through all the information on the map while he flips through the book and FREE guidebook that I get in the mail (see at the bottom of this blog post).  It's a lot of information, but in the book we need to use the map again and I teach him how to search for information.  Sometimes I have a real map and we find the places that are mentioned by using the grid on the map.  We also utilize Google and look up images of cities, landmarks, and other interesting facts.  It's SO much fun!

And we are also learning the state capitals.  I bet you can tell I enjoy this as much as my son.

Every month we get about 4 books, but we usually only get through 1 or 2 a month.
What comes with this resource?
*Large United States Map (we laminated and put on the wall)
*Which Way USA book that you record information for each state you "visit"
*A key chain with a license plate from each state (you can use the code to access online games, but we don't really use that)
*A book for each state
*A large map of each state
*And lots of knowledge!


My 7 year old son says he loves to learn about each new state.  It makes him excited to go and visit them some day.

He's holding the key chain, but you can't see the license plate tags on it.
We practice our map skills with real maps that we get FREE (see below).
I can't tell you how much my son looks forward to our Which Way USA times.  We do the puzzle book about twice a week.  He has a lot of interest in travel and I do hope we can visit some of these places someday. 
Have you used this resource?
What do you think?

Here is a link to get a bunch of guide books and maps for FREE:

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