Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cleaning Caddies!

This summer I've been wanting to figure out a good schedule for cleaning, cooking, learning time, outside play, time with friends, swimming lessons, camping, etc.  Yes, we have a busy summer ahead.

 I'm excited to take a break from our homeschool and hang out with friends.  However, we still need to keep up with the house chores.  I picked some very easy tasks that my kids can do while I try to do some of my own chores.

Here are the weekly chores:
*Disinfect lightswitches and door knobs
*Clean windows and doors
*Wipe cupboards and doorjambs
*Collect garbage
*Bring in garbage and recycle cans
*Sharpen pencils

We also have daily chores like:
*Get dressed
*Make bed
*Vacuum the blue carpet (back door/laundry room area)
*Clean bedrooms (see this great chart)
*Laundry- bring down, fold and put away
*Empty dishwasher, as needed

There are a few other things, but I know this will keep my kids busy and the house clean!

BUT here's the FUN thing I did!  I made cleaning  caddies for the kids!

I went to the dollar store and picked up a caddy, cloth, brush and spray bottle.  I also added a magic eraser to each caddy.
I filled the spray bottle with a little bit of vinegar, some lemon essential oil and lots of water.  It sprays a very light mist.
I will go over each thing in the caddy and show them how and where to use them.  For the first few weeks I will be closely watching how they use their tools. 
My kids absolutely love to scrub and clean and I think they will love these!
PS. My kids are ages 5 and 7 so this is perfect for them.
Will you get your kids cleaning this summer?
Here's a great series to teach your kids how to do chores:

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