Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse OPENS (May 30-June6)

We are excited to do our Kid Cook Real Food Ecourse this summer!  My kids are now 5 and 7 and they love eating, so why not teach them some very handy ways to make food by themselves.

I previewed the first lesson for beginners and I'm pleased to say that Katie Kimball is an excellent teacher.  She takes the children step by step through the process.  She uses fun phrases and easy motions so the kids can remember how to use the tool as well as the proper safety of it.

My kids are always wanting to be more independent in the kitchen and I feel like this course will give them the confidence and foundation to be able to make their own food and even to serve it to the family eventually!

That is available only until June 6.
The Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse is also only available for open enrollment until June 6.
After that date you will have to wait until the next session starts. 
Please check the FREE Knife Skills Class and learn how your kids can be safe and learn necessary skills in the kitchen to benefit their future.
See my first post for more information. 
Look for us to share some of our Kids Cooking Creations this summer!

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