Thursday, June 23, 2011

Growing Kids God's Way: Discipline Issues Part 1

Discipline Issues Part 1:

There is a funnel where you should parent.  If you parent outside the funnel you allow children freedoms that are not age appropriate and leads children to be "wise in their own eyes."  I already see our son doing that and we are trying to parent inside that funnel!

Three things lead to this: premature freedom in decision making, physical freedoms and verbal freedoms.  Don't allow too many choices too early.  Your child is ready for choices when they can handle not having a choice.

If your child has too many freedoms, then pull back the boundaries and reduce or eliminate choices.  Teach your child to answer this question- Do you have the freedom to...?  Which means that they have done all prior chores or commands prior to asking for a privilege.

OK, three more chapters to go!  I'll finish this summer!

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Annette W. said...

Oh, I like this!! Thank you!

(We have too many verbal freedoms possibly...we use soap for dirty words, but it seems that much of it is attitude.