Monday, June 27, 2011

Handmade Fun 4 Children: So Simple So Sweet Review/Giveaway


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Shrade and I had SO much fun playing with this very unique puppet set- Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  So Simple So Sweet Etsy shop has several puppet sets that include a glove with magnetic squares on each finger and foam character pieces to mix and match to tell a story.  Wow! 

Setting up the characters

Shrade is telling the story
What I found quite compelling about this puppet set is that it offered so many great ways to bond with my child.  It was highly interactive and with so many possibilities of sharing a story that are different every time.  I like this story because it is repetitive and helps my son to learn the art of storytelling, retelling and increases vocabulary.  The characters are cute and simple and have great visual quality.  The little foam pieces provide great fine motor skills and are very durable.  This is definitely a worthwhile teaching tool and will get kids involved with literature on a whole new level!

Retelling with daddy

It was so enjoyable to see Shrade retelling the story to daddy.  And since the characters are magnetic, they can be used on any magnetic surface such as the refrigerator.  And you can easily take these with you on road trips and use for waiting in airports or doctor offices.  Inspire the imagination of your child with these great puppet gloves!

Let's get to know Heidi:

*Where did you come up with the name of your shop?
I wanted a name that was easy to remember that was not product specific so I could change what I was selling if I wanted to! I love trying new things and the name makes it so I can try whatever I want!

*How long have you been making crafts?
I have been crafting forever! I have been papercrafting since I was 11 or 12 and I started making puppets about 5 years ago. I love doing many other crafts like jewelry, sewing, and painting.

*What do you like best about what you do?
I love that I can stay home with my kids while I craft! I would not trade being a stay at home mom for anything and so working at home is perfect for me. I needed a creative outlet that was somewhere for me to be more than a mom and etsy is perfect for that!

*What is unique about your shop?
I feel like I offer a unique twist on the old favorites of finger puppet gloves and greeting cards. I get tired of the same thing all the time and love to find new ways to do things. I really like that my puppets are not just for the glove, they can stick on any magnetic surface and so you can use them anywhere and everywhere! I also think my pocket card idea is unique because the greeting card has been around forever and it is sometimes hard to find one that is not the same old, same old. They are fun for kids and adults alike and the tag parts of the cards are so cute you can keep them around! I am really a believer in quality not quantity, I would much rather pay more for something that will last, and I make my products well so they will be around for a long time! I spend a lot of time making sure my puppets and cards are durable and not made in a rush.

Thank you, Heidi!

*This product was provided to me  free of charge for the purpose of this  review.  This is my honest opinion of  this product  and no monetary compensation  was received for my opinion.*

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Win it: Heidi is giving away any puppet set (except brown bear) or one of her cards.  Giveaway ends Friday, July 8.

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