Thursday, June 30, 2011

Handmade Fun 4 Children: Wooden Moose Creations Review/Giveaway

One thing that is really satisfying to me is to find a toy that Shrade and I can play with together that is not only fun, but packed with learning possibilities!  Wooden Moose Creations not only has several great products like this, but the way these products are made is what caught my eye.  Each creation is made from pine wood which is perfect for wood burning and not one is the same!
We were given the Fruit Puzzle to review.  This puzzle includes 6 puzzle pieces that fit on a board.  Each large puzzle piece has a certain number of a specific fruit.  The pieces are sturdy and only interlock in a specific pattern.  This allows great fine motor and problem solving skills.  Shrade was able to analyze where the pieces fit on the board and how they fit together through trial and error.  It was fun to watch his young mind as he turned pieces to match on the board.
We also had fun counting the different fruits and identifying what fruits they were.  I loved the detail that Emmalee made on each piece.  Shrade was occupied for several minutes as he manuevered the puzzle pieces.  I overheard him chatting to himself.  "Oh, this one goes here.  Uh, oh, it doesn't fit."  I truly believe in letting children explore with open ended play and this was definitely a winner!
Emmalee has so many other uniquely wood burned products that you will enjoy browsing in her Etsy shop.  She has a great gift to create such one of a kind products.  She also has some products that can be personalized.

Let's get to know Emmalee:

*Where did you come up with the name of your shop?
I have always loved working with "wood". There's something special and nostalgic about wooden toys and since I have had children, I started making a few toys for them. "Moose" came from my love for them and quest to see a real moose one day. I put the two together and my shop was born.

*How long have you been making crafts?
My mother is an artist and we have been making things my whole life. Of all the different artistic venues the 4 of us children were exposed to, I always loved working with wood. My mother taught me how to wood burn in high school and I haven't stopped since.

*What do you like best about what you do?
I love approaching a piece of wood with no ideas. It's like looking at a blank canvas. Nature inspires me the most and I love adding some of those images back to wood. Thankfully, I never get tired of it. Trying to incorporate nature back into our children's lives these techno-driven days is fulfilling to me.

*What is unique about your shop?
There are many people who wood burn and there are many people who make wooden toys but only a few put them together. I am one of them.

Thank you, Emmalee!

*This product was provided to me  free of charge for the purpose of this  review.  This is my honest opinion of  this product  and no monetary compensation  was received for my opinion.*

Buy it: Visit Wooden Moose Creations and enjoy her wonderful products!

Win it: Emmalee is giving away a matching game- nature images with handmade bag.  Giveaway ends Friday, July 8.

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