Monday, March 26, 2012

Brightly Beaming Resources: Seasons Week #22

We are on week #22 and we learned all about seasons.  Our favorite part was doing a craft that featured each season.  I used ideas from Busy Bee Crafts and they list appropriate ages for each craft.  We learned that Autumn was another name for Fall, but we also have a friend named Autumn so that was confusing.  And our nursery rhyme was Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater and Shrade thought he ate his wife.  We cut out different vegetables from the newspaper to make our poster for letter V and we punched out 22 "seeds" for our watermelon craft when we learned about 22.  The more I do these lessons, the more excited I get about teaching and Shrade is really enjoying all the crafts!

Our season crafts: watermelon, tree, daffodils and snowflakes

V is for Vegetable

22 "seeds" on our watermelon
My lesson plans come from Brightly Beaming Resources Preparatory Curriculum.
My letter of the week craft comes from No Time for Flashcards.

Books we read:


Sarah said...

Those crafts are so cute!

Stef Layton said...

we just did seasons too - but I love the different pictures !!