Thursday, March 22, 2012

Parenting is Heart Work: Positive Conclusion

Last weekend we went to a parenting seminar and came away with some great tools that we started using that day! I have always struggled with how to end a conflict with my son. I end up just staying mad the rest of the day if something happens and I know that is not good for either of us. So I took away this simple positive conclusion and it has helped me to be calm and for my son to learn in the process. And we use it several times during the day, but he is getting it!

So here it is: Positive Conclusion
After a situation occurs and my son is put in time out and he has time to calm down we ask these three questions.

1. What did you do wrong?  (confession)
2. Why was that wrong?  (heart, behavior)
3. What are you going to do next time?  (equip)
Go ahead and try again!

Give your children a sense of hope and move forward.

This has worked WONDERS with my 3 year old.  I do have to help him answer some of the questions, but that time is so much more calm and productive.  Try it today and tell me how it works for you!
Now, a couple of announcements:
*I am going to finish up my Growing Kids God's Way series that I started last year.
*I am going to start writing about Parenting Is Heart Work as we will be hosting a home group to cover that book starting in April.  I'm so excited and pray that it will make a great difference in my parenting.


Turansky/Miller said...

Any way that we can help, please let us know. --Scott Turansky

Beth in NC said...

I cam over from Living Well Wednesday. Great advice!

Have a wonderful day!

Beth said...

Saw you post this on a #21Days4Sons Facebook group. Thanks! This is JUST what I need to work on with my 3yr old!