Friday, March 30, 2012

Free and Fun Friday: Chickens!

About a month ago, my husband came up to me and said he wanted to build a chicken coop and then he did!  It's absolutely gorgeous inside and out!  Shrade was his big helper and we got a lot of materials free!  Shrade even got to do some painting.  We still haven't agreed on all the names, but I'm going with Biblical so the the three sets of twins are Mary & Martha (white), Esther & Eve (black speckled), Ruth & Naomi (brown), Lydia (a dark brown) and Rebekah (black).  I asked Shrade if he wanted to name them and he said no.  But he likes going out there to give them scraps and talk to them.  We can't wait for them to start laying eggs in June!

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Susan Case said...

Chickens are entertaining! They are smart and will come to you for food - especially mealworms (even dried). Just make noise by shaking the food and they will approach. And, their eggs are so wonderful - more colorful and flavorful - and healthy. Great going with the chickens!