Monday, March 19, 2012

Brightly Beaming Resources Week #21: Wind

Who would have thought we would have so much fun with wind?  We made a pinwheel and a wind sock.  We studied pentagons and incorporated an art project with number 21.  I'm so excited to see all the interesting things I can do with my son and he loves it!   We are also working on fine motor skills like cutting and tracing.  Shrade can actually count to 21 all by himself!  Take a look at what we made this week.
Our windsock.   Shrade says it looks like a jelly fish.
I got this idea from on Youtube.

I got this idea from on Youtube.

Making pentagons with raisins and toothpicks

Building Letter U

Pentagon paint sponge pressed on 21 numbers

For letter U we made an underground scene and read Up Above and Down Below.  We also had fun with sensory activity ideas with Everyday Sensory Alphabet Activities.  Our craft came from No Time for Flashcards.

U is for underground

Books we read:

I start all my lesson plans from Brightly Beaming Resources. (FREE!!)
PS. You can find the nursery rhyme from my poster at this site.  It's The North Wind Doth Blow.

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Bekah said...

Great job, Shonda!!! Looks like he really had fun! :)