Sunday, June 10, 2012

How I will do lesson plans for Shrade's Preschool

Let's just say, my lesson plans for my son are WAY different than my lesson plans for when I was a teacher.  I thought in homeschooling it would be so much easier and I would have complete structure in my lesson plans, but it has not been so.  Mind you, I'm just doing preschool.  I am finding TONS of ideas on the web and that's my problem.  How do I break it down to what I want to do and not feel overwhelmed?  So here are a few ideas if you want to try a simpler approach, yet get in a variety of fun things to do.

Last January I took an online class through Bureau of Education and Research (BER) called Teaching Preschool.  Since I was going to homeschool preschool I thought it might help me and it did.

There are 10 activities that center around a theme:
*Circle discussions
*Literacy activities
*Songs and fingerplays
*Art projects
*Number sense activities
*Large motor and movement activities
*Fine motor skills and sensory activities
*Dramatic play
*Science and discovery

I am choosing do one letter a month as my theme for the next two years.  So I will center my lessons around these 10 areas.  This gives me some structure, flexibility, creativity and best of all a variety!  You will see in my blog posts that I will show you most of these things.  I'm excited to share what I am doing with Shrade as we enter Milk N' Honey Learn and Grow Preschool!  Come join me!

I will not be going into detail in my lesson plans in my blog posts as I do not want to spend all of my time on the computer, but I will give you highlights and links that will help you if you are interested in what I am doing.

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Bul Baxter said...

Hi I found your site while looking for lesson plan inspiration. I regularly use TES Lesson Plans where you can download resources for free. Hope it's of use to you - best of luck!
BB : )