Monday, July 2, 2012

Learn Your Letters Learn to Serve Curriculum SALE!

Teach your child to serve…one letter at a time!  This 240+ page downloadable or hard copy kit  includes thorough lesson plans, games, crafts, recipes, memory verses,  Bible story suggestions, vocabulary stimulation and discussion, play,  books to read and so much more…all while encouraging service to God!

Each letter you study includes suggestions for service, such as “Take a new Bible to B__________” on Bb week, “Make soup for someone who is sick on Ss week, and “Deliver flowers  to F_______________” on Ff week.  Your child will make gifts or food,  offer help and learn to think of others.  As a family you can delight in  praying together about who you would like to serve and what form of  service you would like to offer!

This curriculum kit can be used as a supplement to what you are  currently doing to teach your child preschool basics…or it can be used  all on its own as a complete early learners curriculum tool.  It is absolutely not just for home schoolers.  Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve is for any family who would enjoy learning and serving together with little ones.  In addition, Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve Curriculum Kit may be purchased for use in a Sunday School Classroom or Preschool Classroom.

To get a feel for what this kit is like, help yourself to this free sample lesson!

What Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve includes:

  • 159 Page Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve Book of ideas,  instructions, recipes, tutorials and service planners  (the majority of  this book can be left paperless, unless you choose to print it and bind  it)

  • Alphabet Practice Packet (26 pages of printable letter writing practice)

  • Alphabet Project Packet (printable projects that go along with various lessons)

  • Memory Verse Packet** (26 printable memory verses to decorate and place on the wall or in a binder)

  • Parent Planning Packet (planning pages, teaching suggestions, scheduling ideas)

 Recommended for ages 2-7.  I am starting to use this curriculum with my preschool plan!

On sale until July 6!

Only $35

You will see that it is normally $45, but if you click on Add to Cart it automatically comes up as $35.

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