Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year Bible Reading Adventure Week #2 with Recap

What a great first week we had!

Did you participate in the New Year Bible Reading Adventure this week?


We read Genesis 1:1-2:25 and did lots of fun activities with the Calvary Curriculum and a few other ideas I found.  For the crossword puzzle, I wrote down all the words on strips of paper and read the description of the word and Shrade had to find the word.  He spelled it for me as I wrote it in the crossword puzzle.

What fun things did you do this week?  Please share in the comments below and feel free to post pictures on Facebook if you want!!  I would love to see the adventure team!!

The Earth- craft from Pocketful of Posies
Mommy and Shrade colored this together while we chatted about the Bible passage.
Here is Shrade reciting the memory verse:
Link to YouTube:

Read Genesis 1:26-2:25 and 2:8-17 (Lesson 2: God Made Adam and Eve/The Garden of Eden) this week and have fun with the activities in the curriculum.  Also, be sure you have joined my newsletter as I will be sharing more tips, suggestions and fun ideas!

Remember you can read only short bits each day.  We also added a few children's Bibles to our reading:
*Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones
*The Story for Children by Max Lucado
*The Preschooler's Bible by V. Gilbert Beers

If you missed the introduction post, here it is below:

Are you ready?  I have a brand new plan for the New Year Bible Reading Adventure!  I discovered Calvary Curriculum which is a FREE resource for parents and teachers.  I wanted to introduce this website to you with our Bible Reading Adventure series that I am doing.  Last session we read through 1 John in short 1-2 verse passages.  However, for this session we will be reading the same large passage for the whole week.  So you can choose to read bits and pieces or the whole passage everyday.  Now remember that the goal is to read the Bible everyday to your kids!

How will it work?
1. Download the FREE lessons from Little One's Curriculum starting with Creation: How the World Began.
2. We will do the challenge for the whole month of January following the curriculum. (Jan 6- Feb 2)
3. Read the Bible passage everyday (at least 5 days of the week) and do one or more of the activities.  There are points to share about the reading, questions to discuss, a Bible verse to memorize, a coloring page, an activity page and a fill in the blank.  Choose what best fits for your children.  (NOTE: You do not have to read the WHOLE passage, but you need to read the Bible to your child everyday).  You can also read children's Bible story books that have these stories in them as well.
4. There will be a simple check-in every Monday.  (Check-in has one question- Did you read the Bible to your children this week?)
5.  You can choose to do your own reading, but I will be blogging about this curriculum as we go through our reading adventure.
6. Do as much as you like or as little as you like.

I chose this curriculum because I think it fits most of the ages of who will be participating in this adventure.

Our schedule:
Week 1: January 6--Genesis 1:1-2:25 (Creation: How the World Began)
Week 2: January 13--Genesis 1:26-2:25; Genesis 2:8-17 (God Made Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden)
Week 3: January 20--Genesis 3:1-24 (Adam and Eve are Tempted)
Week 4: January 27--Genesis 5:28-6:22 (Noah Builds a Boat and Fills it with Animals)

**If you have a child in 1st through 6th grade, you can use the resources on this page: Calvary Curriculum for 1st through 6th grade.  Follow the same titles of the lessons we are doing for Little Ones.  

**I will be sending out a newsletter for those who sign up for this adventure with tips, suggestions and fun ideas.   There will be a few updates on the blog as well, but all the extra information will be in the newsletter.

To join and receive the free newsletter click on the link below!  Thanks, Shonda

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April said...

Looks like you had a great week, loved the YouTube video!! We had a good week too! I really love Calvary Curriculum's activities both enjoyed the coloring sheet and my one son helped his brother with the word puzzle, I liked the idea of them working together too! We didn't get construction paper till the weekend but still plan to do the earth/hand craft! Looking forward to this week!!