Sunday, January 6, 2013

Prayer for Our Children

I find all kinds of neat ideas on Pinterest. See my Parenting Board. I love this prayer idea of using the cutouts of the hands of my kids. Every year at Christmas/New Years I will trace their hand and my husband and I will come up with 5 things we want to pray for them during the year. I will write each prayer point on a finger. Then, each day or as often as I can, I will be praying for those specific areas. Also, it gives me a focus for teaching moments through the day.  Eventually, I will have many hands to put in their Bibles to send them off to college and let them know that they were prayed for often as they grew.  I will also include a Bible verse to pray for them that year. (I still need to do that for each child)

Here are the areas I will pray for my children this year:
Shrade- Respect, Servant's Heart, Brotherly Love, Persistence, Open Heart to God
Jessna- Gentleness, Patience, Obedience, Respect and Joy/Contentment

Here's a bonus idea for giving the gift of God's Word to your kids when they leave home (a far off time for me):  Well, I thought I had it on Pinterest, but I can't find it!  Well, take one year or longer with a Bible and write notes as you study.  Underline, highlight and mark up that Bible so what is important stands out.  Give that Bible to your young son or daughter before they go off to college and that will be the Bible that will mean the most to them, I promise!  I can't wait to do this for my children.  I have a Bible right now and I'm going to use it while I study Luke in my Good Morning Girls study.  I know that some people don't write in Bibles, but I cherish the one I got in high school where I wrote all over it and had to retire it because it was falling apart.

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Annette {This Simple Home} said...

I made prayer cards a while back for the family. Like these but included a verse too.